January 8, 2014

getting some stuff done

I don't know why it is so hard for me to hunker down and put away "Christmas"away all at once. I've done a stellar job and doing part of it stopping, doing another part, stopping, etc.. Sigh...I wish my mom was here to do it, there, I said it. She's much more efficient than I am and I'm SO over it already. Anyhoo -on my to-do list today is to officially wrap that up. I also need to blog, clean, run some errands and for some reason I think I might bake a cake (that one is really gonna help with my new years goal of shedding pounds ;). Its yucky outside today which makes me want to stay in and be cozy. I was talking with my mother in law recently about how even if you long for a day where you have nothing to do, the reality is there is always something you could do or should be doing so really, that's just likely not gonna happen...in her words "until your dead." So, today is one of those days for me. :)

I realized I still haven't posted pics of the dining room makeover, truth be told... its still not done! I ordered new chairs about a month ago, was told they were shipped on Dec. 20th, then was told they were delivered on Dec. 22nd (they weren't -and really, who delivers within 2 days and on a Sunday?!), so yeah, someone dropped the ball somewhere and they STILL haven't arrived. Once they are here, I will finally take pics to share. I'm honestly really excited to see it "done" myself!

I hope everyone out there is enjoying 2014 and that it is being good to them. I typically wish January away but so far, I'm enjoying it and anticipating what it will bring! Now, head on over HERE to see my latest maternity session! xo


Anonymous said...

You know I would love to help you! You are a busy girl and will always have something to do:) Can't wait to see the pics of the dining room - completed!

Robin said...

In the Reformed Episcopal Church Calendar (and the Catholic Calendar, too) Christmas isn't over until Epiphany.... which is usually around the 8th of January, give or take. So you aren't behind at all! Just looking at the wrong calendar.