January 14, 2014

good, quick, yummy dinner

Its been a busy morning! I only accomplished half of my to-do list yesterday so I've been working on that this morning. I needed a break from wedding contracts, business taxes, returning client emails, etc. so I'm blogging instead. :)

So, last night I made a super easy dinner and it was a BIG hit so I wanted to share. I had some left over chicken in the fridge and had most of the ingredients this recipe required so, I threw it in a bowl, let it marinate for an hour or so, Adam tossed the skewers on the grill and voila! Brennan and Adam both told me several times how good it was and that it should be a "regular" around here.

HERE is the recipe for honey-lime chicken skewers (And thanks to my friend/neighbor Kristen who let me run over and borrow honey at the last second :). *I left out the siracha, too spicy for little B.

I hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday afternoon. Here is a peek of a sweet newborn that will be blogged soon. xo

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Anonymous said...

This picture made me smile outloud! How many times have I seen you girls when you were that old look like that when startled or surprised....soooooo swweet!