January 4, 2014

Happy New Year ~ Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone! That was a long blog lull! It has been so fun having Kelly here and stepping away from the computer (and laundry) for nearly 2 weeks! Her flight was cancelled due to crazy weather so we got to have her for an extra day! I feel like my mind is swirling with ideas, thoughts, randomness, etc. This new years snuck up on me a bit, typically I have given some resolutions some thought, have written them down, and have a plan - but alas, haven't even thought about it yet! I'm behind! I try to break it down into personal goals and business goals, I plan to give that some thought today and get a plan in action! I love a fresh start, a clean slate, the newness of a new year. I want to be better this year, I want to be more gracious, I want to take more risks, I want to travel to new places, I want to make really fun memories with my daughter as she gets older and can do more/remember more, etc. I'm not sure what this all looks like but I'm excited to give it some thought and be intentional. And of course theres those pounds I'd like to shed. :) Ah the post-holiday pant tightness -boo!

I think 2014 is going to have some major mile stones for our family and I'm excited to watch it unfold and see what the Lord has in store. Cheers to a new year!!

I do think reflecting on God's goodness this past year is important so I don't want to leave that out! Major things/good things/hard things from 2013:

*Valentine's Day with Adam! Surprising him with a date including spending the night at a hotel -that was fun, loved it. Great memories made with my favorite person.

*San Antonio for spring break! It was such a great trip and so fun to take B to sea world, the river walk, the Alamo, etc. Great memories with our family of 3.

*Shooting  a wedding in Seattle, and taking photos in Pike's Place Market! This was a crazy experience and I'm beyond honored that I was trusted to do it.

*Shooting a wedding of 2 of my mi casa darlings. This was a neat/bittersweet experience. So fun to watch my kiddos grow up, so hard to watch them "leave the nest" and start their own mi casa, etc. Was so touched that they wanted me to capture their big day.

*Another year going by of Adam not getting a job, the frustrations that come with that, but being reminded of God's faithfulness in the journey.

*Celebrating 13 years of marriage with my groom and going on a FABULOUS cruise! This was definitely a highlight for me, we loved our week together and couldn't have asked for a better time. Our first "legit" vacation in 8 years and it was wonderful.

*I had a life-changing surgery in June that I would be remiss not to mention. A long time goal of mine, something I did for myself and am beyond thankful for.

*CABO SAN LUCAS! Another huge blessing/amazing time! Our friends graciously invited us to join them in using their time share for a week. This was an opportunity that left me pinching myself -it was like a dream. SO thankful for this fun week with my husband and 6 of our dear friends.

*My dearest Kelly graduating with her PsyD! I have no words for my regret in not being physically present at her graduation but am SO proud of her and her hard work in accomplishing this goal.

*B starting the 1st grade! My baby growing up and watching her become a bigger girl.

*Going to California to shoot/visit friends, a whirlwind for sure but so good for my heart.

*San Fran for my birthday! I love the tradition of Doug, Kemi, Mike, Adam and I at a Duck game and celebrating my birthday together! One of my favorite parts of the year.

*Mike's traditional visit for Thanksgiving, we always have so much fun!

*Kelly coming for Christmas, our trip to San Antonio for the Alamo bowl with Mike and cheering the Ducks onto victory!

All in all this was a great year for our family, we were extremely blessed by the experiences we were able to participate in. Adam and I worked more in this past year probably than we ever have, but we also played hard too and I'm beyond thankful for God's goodness to us. I know some years are harder than others, and I know some years feel like endless waiting, or hoping that doesn't seem to come to fruition -I get that. My friend Jen wrote a blog about her year that was so encouraging and I wanted to share it -check it out HERE. I am reminded once again that God doesn't forget us, or our wants and desires -he is faithful and always working/active in our lives. His love never changes and his mercies are new every morning - I don't know about you but I cling to that b/c I know how desperately I need that grace. As we start 2014 I encourage you to live basking in the overwhelming grace that surrounds us, don't take it for granted, but relish in its fresh starts each day -its life changing. Happy New Year, friends. xo

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Kemi Winn said...

It is fun to read your year in review. You have much to be thankful for!

Love your desire to be more gracious-something I also desire- and I applaud your desire to take more risks.

A blessed 2014 to you, Adam and B.

Robin said...

Missed your blog over the holidays! Reading your writing is such a blessing, Molly. I smile right now, 'hearing' your voice through your words. It has been a wonderful year for you in God's grace. Much love to you, Adam, and B.