January 27, 2014

its that time of year again...

It was a good weekend! The 3 of us went out to dinner on Friday night and had breakfast for dinner -yum. Saturday B had a friend over most of the day and then I took them to a bday party, raced home, made this bundt cake, then our friends came over for dinner (I made those chicken skewers I blogged just a bit ago). I also made these homemade biscuits (twice in the past week, so easy and so good)! Sunday we had church, then went out to lunch with friends, then I was on the phone/Skype, etc. for 4 hours straight with a friend and momsie. Then last night we had some friends come over and we all watched the grammys together. A fun weekend!

I find that I'm repeating myself a lot lately as its that time of year when folks start asking "So, what's next?" And the answer is.............. (drum roll)................ we don't know. And likely, we won't know for another month or so. Its the all too familiar waiting game yet again. Since we are currently in year 8 of this process I definitely handle it differently now that I'm older and wiser (wink wink) and just generally feel more comfortable with the situation, but I'm not gonna lie...its still hard. The unknowns, the questions, the what-ifs, the if this then that scenarios that Adam and I go over and over and over. I always get back to the same conclusion though, that God is faithful and no matter what, He will still be faithful, life will still go on, and things will ultimately be okay even if they don't look like we want them to. That I know for sure. I promise to keep everyone updated as I know anything, but for now, we wait. I can tell you this, at the start of this process there were 3 possibilities, one on the east coast, one on the west coast, and one in Texas. This week the east coast option didn't say "no" but they indicated we were on the "long list" so we can deduce that that option is out. So, that leaves the west coast and Texas. Stay tuned. :)

I've been a bad blogger lately! I have several sessions to blog I just have been in editing mode and not blogger mode...I'll try and remedy that soon (as I know some of you come strictly for pictures...sorry!) :)

All in all, 2014 is being good to us, I hope the same for all of you! xo


Kemi Winn said...

I'm on standby. Eagerly waiting to hear what God's plans hold for you Adam and B.

How nice that you got to spend 4 hours skating with your mom!


Kemi Winn said...

Oops, I typed skyped and my kindle auto corrected. But I'm sure it would be fun to skate with your mom-just maybe not for four hours!

Molly W. said...

Kemi -you're so funny. I skyped with a friend, only talked with my mom. :) But yes, skating with mom would be a riot! :)

Anonymous said...

I love to skate!!!! - Kemi, let's go to Oaks Park with B this summer:)

Robin said...

I love your attitude toward all the waiting that you've been in (for 8 years!). It's good to see people remembering how faithful God is even when it doesn't look the way we wanted it to. Love you, Molly!