January 30, 2014

sickie B

So today was going to be my day alone, to get things done, relax, clean, run errands, etc. I had the whole day until I was to pick B up from school all.to.myself. (I even had lunch plans with a friend)! I was so looking forward to it. Yesterday when B got home from school she declined a snack -WHAT?! I knew right then and there something was up. She laid on the couch watching cartoons and as the day went on her cheeks got rosey and she seemed really lethargic. I asked if she wanted to go to Target to get a new bathing suit for our big hotel stay tomorrow and she said yes. I watched her at Target, and poor thing seemed just not her usual self. She finally admitted to not feeling great and she didn't want dinner. We came home, she laid on the couch and then....threw up. Sigh. So, no school for her today, no gymnastics this afternoon, and on the couch she'll remain all day. :( She seems in better spirits this morning but so far hasn't eaten since yesterday at lunch. And of course there's the timing of it all, the day Adam goes out of town. Classic. So anyhoo, a lazy day at home for us Winn gals, prayers for my girl are appreciated as our Dallas date can hopefully still happen! The hotel is paid for, American Girl reservations are made, etc. Oh, and prayers for Adam as he interviews all day are appreciated too. :) Thanks, all! xo


Anonymous said...

I remember those planned days and something like this would happen and the disappointment I would feel, but so thankful she can be home with you and have you to take care of her. Yes, continued prayers for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Poor B. Hope she feels better soon. Giver her a big hug for me and Good Luck to Adam!!


Kemi Winn said...

So sorry for B. I do hope she will be well enough to go and enjoy your mother-daughter date.
I'm eager to hear about Adam's interview.