February 18, 2014

life giving cupcakes

This weekend was busy, Saturday we were running from one thing to the next -all fun things, just a lot in one day. For over a week now I've been feeling like I'm getting sick, just when I think its going to come full on it goes away...so weird! I'm thankful to have been spared but I almost wish it would just come so it could go away versus this on again off again business. I've bailed out of a couple social commitments in the last couple days, I haven't physically felt too great but emotionally I'm feeling a LITTLE unbalanced. I hate that feeling when someone asks "how are you?" and you know if you answer you'll just start crying and you can't really even articulate why -that's where I'm at. I've been sleeping a lot too, I think my whole body/mind is just.plain.tired.

Since yesterday was presidents day B was home from school so we had a date. Our church play group rented out a gymnastics gym so we started our day off there playing with our friends, then we went to lunch at Panera (per her choice) -she ordered a salad for her entrĂ©e! It seemed like such a big girl thing to do, she's growing up! Then we went to Old Navy and got her some more work out/gymnastics gear, then saw the Lego movie -that was pretty funny. We had a good little date, just the two of us -but we were both wishing daddy could have gone to the movie with us (darn jobs!). 

Back to Valentines day, that was fun. B had a great time with her friend and Adam and I had a great time with our friends -double dates are the best! During the day I went to the Verizon store to buy Adam his first iphone (I know...we both were WAY slow in making that happen) and it was neat b/c the guy who was helping me was wearing a bracelet that said "God is big enough." It was such a sweet and gentle reminder and I felt like that bracelet was just for me in that moment. When I came home I had valentine cupcakes waiting for me on the porch from a dear friend. Again, it felt like this little gift of love that I wasn't expecting but just reminding me that I am cared for and known in this crazy time of unknowns. It was life giving to me and literally made my day (thank you, KP).

Tonight is mi casa, I'm thinking of baking a cake I haven't made before to celebrate a birthday and an engagement in our little family, we'll see if I can make it happen. :) Thanks for checking in and for your prayers for us as we wait with hope. xo

     *shower for sweet baby Mayer
*our friends had us over for homemade pizzas -so good!
 *Valentine's Day double date with our sweet friends -Chicago style pizza!


Anonymous said...

I am salivating looking at these pictues!
So glad you had a fun weekend and for all of the love shown to you -makes a mom's heart happy!
We await, with hope,with you:)

Kemi Winn said...

Yes, that pizza looks delicious. Glad you had a great weekend - you are blessed with wonderful friends!

Robin said...

Panera is my favorite place! We have to go to Portland or elsewhere to enjoy it, but I am happy to think B chose it. Molly, I can't imagine the way you are holding on by your fingertips during this time. I can see you are thankful for many friends and close relationships. May God grant the desires of your heart.