February 5, 2014

life in limbo (part I don't know 542?)

I feel like over the years I've had many "life in limbo" moments/posts, etc. I'm not sure what "part" we're in any more, like tv series that are broken into parts I, II, III, we're so beyond those digits I don't even know! But here we sit...in limbo....yet again. This month will likely feel very long to me as it will mostly be made up of wondering and waiting. Its always so hard this time of year b/c B's school starts talking about re-enrollment, paying deposits for the next year, etc. But we have no idea if we'll be living here so to plan for school year 2014-15 seems overwhelming. I started looking into schools in California if that's where we should land and that was overwhelming too. After doing some research yesterday I realized there were only 2 days left to apply for "open enrollment" if your kid has any chance of getting into a certain school in the fall -YIKES! But the kicker...you need a local address to apply (duh). So, a dear friend allowed me to use her address so I could TRY to get B in a decent school should we have to move. Talk about putting the cart before the horse but what else can I do?! It was all pretty daunting and stressful....and there is zero guarantee of anything so that's helpful. Sigh. This parenting stuff is no joke! Its also hard b/c I love B's current school so much so anything else in comparison feels like a step backward and that's hard. I know these are just details that find a way of working themselves out but for a parent, school is a huge "detail" and weighs heavy on my heart as I think of sending my only out into the big world. So, that's what occupied a lot of my day yesterday! We had mi casa last night and my sweet kiddos stayed pretty late, it was "question night" where we talk about theological things and we often go late on those nights. I had to get up early today to get B going b/c Adam had to get up early to drive to Temple to try and fight a citation for having expired emissions tags or something lame like that. Ay yi yi...always something!

Well anyhoo, that was a rambly post...life is just a lot of waiting these days, we're all pretty anxious to know what's next so stay tuned! Now, head on over HERE to check out this sweet newborn! xo


Robin said...

Being 'in limbo' is daunting. I'm praying for extra mercy and grace to be rained down on you in a dry and thirsty season.

Anonymous said...

Robin always says it best - ditto.