February 3, 2014

memory making stuff

To say my weekend plans didn't work out quite like I wanted would be an understatement. Adam left Wednesday afternoon for the west coast for his interview, B came home from school Wednesday afternoon sick. Poor girl stayed sick the.whole.time.Adam.was.gone. I had made our reservations at the American Girl doll store way in advance with the expectation we would have a mother/daughter bonding weekend in Dallas, and make some memories that she would tell her own kids about some day. Well, she might tell her kids but it will be more like "I was so sick, I laid around in the hotel room watching cartoons, I watched my mom eat lunch while I barely touched my milkshake b/c I had no appetite and really just wanted to get my doll's hair done so we could go home and I could lay on my couch again." Sigh. It was a big bummer and not at all what I had envisioned for our time. Poor B....poor me! It was a rough 5 days to say the least. Adam was supposed to get back on Saturday night but his first flight out was delayed 20 minutes so he missed his connecting flight from Dallas to Waco by 9 minutes, the next flight out wasn't until Sunday morning, oh yeah, that flight got cancelled, so then he got on the next flight (which ended up being delayed) and finally made it home yesterday around 3pm. Ay yi yi, was I glad to see him!!! We were home briefly before our babysitter arrived freeing us up to go to our friends house to watch the super bowl -GO SEAHAWKS!! B was better today so we sent her off to school, fingers crossed she's back to her usual self when she gets home, I'm ready to have my girl back!

I have a long list of errands today since I got virtually nothing done in the past week. The light at the end of the tunnel is this Friday! My sweet husband made plans (unbeknownst to me) for a sweet Valentine's weekend! I've wanted to go to a Mavs game ever since we moved to Texas, and since the Mavs aren't playing next weekend in Dallas Adam arranged for some folks to watch B this weekend and he's taking me to Dallas to go to a fancy dinner (he won't tell me where), go to the Mavs game, and spend the night at a cool hotel -fun! I was so surprised to hear he thought of all this, can't wait! Sweet Adam, he's just the best!

Okay all, I'm gonna get started on my day, thanks for checking in! Happy Monday! xo


Anonymous said...

So glad B is better and that Adam is home safe - sorry for your disappointing weekend but sounds like Adam will make up for it on Valentine's day:)

Kemi Winn said...

I'm sorry that your weekend was not what you had hoped for. But B is sure to remember that you planned this special time for just you two. And then there was the SEAHAWK WIN - ending the weekend on a very positive note!