February 10, 2014


Its COLD on this Monday morning here in Waco. BRRR. I was up and at 'em early this morning shooting a beautiful house for HGTV's new show "Fixer Upper" that will air in April. Its so fun seeing these dramatic transformations and getting inspired for my own home. Can't wait for the show to air!

Anyhoo, this weekend was great! Friday Adam and I headed up to Dallas for our early V-day getaway. We ate at the most fabulous Indian restaurant, cheered the Mavs onto victory, and spent the night in the coolest hotel! It was urban chic, concrete floors/ceilings with exposed duct work, European type bathrooms, cool décor, etc. It was great! Adam and I got dessert and ate it in bed while we watched some TV. It was a great 24 hours away just the two of us. Saturday we had movie night with the ninner, we introduced her to Mary Poppins. I used to watch it all.the.time. when I was young, she loved it! Sunday we went to church, and had some friends over late last night chatting and watching the Olympics. Monday came too soon today! :) I have a feeling the next 2ish weeks are going to crawl by, when we're waiting for such important news like a job it makes each day feel like an eternity. My mind keeps running through scenarios of timelines, etc. Sigh. This is always the hardest part/time of year for me. I'll keep ya posted when I have news! Thanks for checking in, all ~ hope you all had a relaxing weekend! xo


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend, Molly, and kudos to Adam!
You know you all are in our prayers about this job - eagerly awaiting good news:)

Kemi Winn said...

Yes, it sounds like a fantastic weekend! We are praying too and hope that the next couple of weeks fly by.