February 21, 2014


Yesterday was nuts! I was running from one thing to the next and barely had time to think -which was great. :) It was a good day to be busy. My friend Jordan offered Adam and I 2 tickets to Baylor's "Sing" performance so we took her up on it! Ever since I moved to Waco I've heard about "Sing" but have never gone, and yesterday -we did! Basically its a 5 hour performance where all the sororities and fraternities put on these approx. 10 minute performances where they sing and dance. The choreography and props were pretty darn outstanding and I was blown away at what a great job everyone did! When I worked at Baylor last year I worked with some of the college students who were involved in Sing so it was awesome to see their hard work pay off! It was an impromptu date night which Adam and I really enjoyed! And B got a new babysitter (thanks again, Jordan!). All my kiddos were booked up so we tried a new gal and she was great (the perks of living in a college town).

HERE is the delicious recipe for the super easy Mongolian beef, ya'll must try this- so good!

Okay, well, that's all I got for now -I'll let ya'll know news when we know news, good or bad. Thanks for checking in! xo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun - just what the doctor ordered! and thanks for sharing your great recipes - you inspire me!