February 26, 2014

up and at 'em

I'm tired and its only 11:15am! I was up early this morning to go to "moms n' muffins" at B's school, then went to the grocery store -finally! There was NO food in our house, it was past time to get that job done. Today I need to clean and get the house ready for a showing tomorrow! The house isn't technically on the market yet but this gal contacted me saying she was moving to Austin and she is a photographer and wanted to get together. I explained that I was moving to California about the time she would be moving to Waco, etc. anyhoo -she's going to stop by and check out the house! Wouldn't that just be too easy if it all worked out? I'm not too hopeful...things don't tend to work that way w/ us. :) We'll see!

Its COLD and yucky outside today, I have a lot of shooting coming up in the next couple days so I hope the weather cooperates!

We had mi casa last night and told our kiddos about the move...that was sad. The reality is they are almost all graduating and moving on themselves so it is a good time to make the "break" but still. Sniff.

Well, that's the haps around here, nothing too exciting. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! xo


Robin said...

Glad you didn't go to "moms w/ muffin-tops" at B's school. ha ha Lame, but that's the funny mood I'm in this morning.

Molly W. said...

Robin - Lord knows I would have qualified for that too!