March 4, 2014


The biggest stressors right now to this whole move are 2 things, #1 where we will live, #2 where B will go to school -and not necessarily in that order. I'm not too worried about where we'll live, in that -I'm sure when the time comes we'll find something. BUT, where we live dictates B's school, and that is where it gets tricky. Open enrollment has ended for the first round, B is currently THIRD on the waiting list for our #1 school choice!! If you're of the praying kind, please join us in praying she gets in -I can't tell you what a relief/blessing/weight off our shoulders that would be. Once that is nailed down it gives us much more freedom where we can live (since the whole point of open enrollment is getting randomly selected to attend a school outside of your district). Sigh. Its really hard to figure all of this out under the best of circumstances but to figure it out when you don't have a local address and are halfway across the country -makes it near impossible. They say that IF she gets into our first choice, we have TWO DAYS to PHYSICALLY APPEAR AT THE SCHOOL to register her, otherwise her spot gets forfeited. Oh, and you have to have a mortgage statement or lease agreement and a utility bill in your name. Sure, when you don't have a clue where you're living this is totally doable. Um... -what?!!!! I think my blood pressure just went up. Anyhoo, we have a lot on our plates around here, lots to think about, figure out, etc.. Thanks for checking in and for your prayers!! xo 


Anonymous said...

I feel your excitement, anxiety, stress, and yet know you have faith that God does have a plan and wants the best for His children. Am excited to watch that unfold and praying for you to have peace in the process! Love you so much!!!

Kemi Winn said...

AMEN SLY!!!!! This sounds like a such a "tricky" situation. I am praying that God will do more than we can ask or imagine for His glory!