March 3, 2014

good weekend

It was SO cold last night that there was a delayed start for B at school today, it was nice to sleep in and be cozy. We had a good weekend! I had a lot of work but it was fun work so I'm okay with that. :) Friday I had 2 shoots, then we grilled chicken skewers and hung out at home. Saturday we went to the farmers market, walked around, ate lunch, came home, chilled, I had a shoot, then went out to our favorite bbq joint in Clifton with our friends. Sunday it was the kids service at UBC, it was really really sweet. B read and did such a good job! All the kiddos were so cute and I found myself emotional through the whole thing. I just kept looking at these kids that I've watched come into the world and that we've done life, and who we know so well who we're going to say have to say goodbye to soon. I hate saying goodbye, and the thought of not being a part of these sweet kids/families lives anymore hit me like a ton of bricks. Poor B has been having a hard time with the idea of the move too. She's been teary quite a bit and tells us repeatedly that she doesn't want to move. Her teacher emailed me from school the other day saying she was having a bit of a meltdown and crying about moving to CA I know soon enough she'll feel at home in CA, and sooner than most would since we have community there already and aren't starting over but, that doesn't mean much to her now and I get that. Sigh. The downside to the good news of Adam's job. :(

I have lots of editing to do today and some errands to run so I'm gonna get after it! Here is a peek of a bridal shoot I did this weekend! xo

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Anonymous said...

Bless little B's heart. I know she will be ok, but so hard. Give her lots of hugs from Doggie Grandma.
That bridal picture is beautiful! Can't wait to see more:)