March 31, 2014

keepin' on

Whew, its been a morning! We had a house showing yesterday, the realtor called first thing this morning and asked if she could bring the folks back over again today...good sign. Meanwhile the A/C unit in the tippy top is on the fritz....lovely. We had some guys out to look into the situation, its not proving to be super easy to deal w/ due to the roof lines...ay yi yi, always something right? This is the week we should hear about B's school situation so I'm on pins and needles and starting tomorrow will not be without my phone should they call me with good news! If that happens then I'll be off to CA within 24 hours to register her in person. In the midst of all of this crazy its also tax season (ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). Adam and I thought we were so responsible...setting money aside for Uncle Sam, etc.. Well, turns out due to MWP what we anticipated was no where NEAR the reality of what we actually owe. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I think I'm still in shock, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around these numbers. Taking lots of deep breaths over here.

This weekend was good, some dear friends took us out to a lovely dinner Friday night, Saturday B had a bday party to go to, then that evening I had a baby shower, super fun. Last night was love feast at church, our last one...sniff. The reality of the move is hitting me more and more each day. Sigh. All in all we're very thankful folks around here, just have a lot on our plates, but keeping it all in perspective and taking a day at a time. Head on over HERE to check out my latest engagement session that's up on the ol' blog! xo


Kemi Winn said...

Yeah for the "second" showing of your home (not surprised!) and Ughs for the A.C. and taxes! I'll be praying about B's schooling.

Robin said...

I know your heart is tied around this school decision. We're praying for you.