April 8, 2014

a little wiped

Its been a crazy couple of days. We had someone here yesterday creating a hole in the wall for the new a/c unit to go into, today the a/c unit was installed, we had a house showing late yesterday afternoon so I spent all.day. cleaning and getting ready for it. The folks who are moving here ended up accepting our counter offer yesterday evening so the house is officially under contract (woot!) but they are seeing it for the first time tomorrow. So, that means we're trying to keep it tidy in the midst of workers in and out w/ dirty boots, etc.. I just feel mentally and physically exhausted. I've been doing so many "if this then that" scenarios with many different things and I'm just kinda wiped. I called the school district yesterday and they confirmed that "it was looking very good" for B to get into school but that they wouldn't make phone calls until Wednesday (probably). So, I'm still on standby waiting to see if I need to buy a plane ticket to CA this week. And to add to the crazy I'm shooting today and tomorrow, whew! The weather has been kinda nuts here and I feel like I'm running from one thing to the next and checking my phone calendar like a crazy person convinced I'm going to forget something and/or drop the ball somewhere. Sigh. Tonight is mi casa, which even though it brings some stress to make dessert and pick up the house in the midst of everything, I find that after my munchkins have left, I'm more relaxed and that it is a nice breather/distraction from my racing mind.

Well, stay tuned to see how everything goes down...we have an inspection on the house Friday, so prayers that would go smoothly are appreciated!! Thanks for checking in on our crazy. xo

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you're keeping it together - as a mom all I can think of is I wish I was there to help! Am certainly praying for every aspect of the house, B's school, the move - everything!!! Like you said, God is in the details and He is in control:)