April 15, 2014

done and done

So, that was crazy. I got home at 1am and woke up and instantly started working. I have a FULL week ahead and it almost seems surreal that I was in California yesterday (and for the several days prior). It was a busy trip but I purposefully didn't pack it as tight as I usually do, wanted some time to roam the streets, look at neighborhoods, visit longer with friends then I normally have time for, etc. I'm e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. I haven't been sleeping really well lately, a lot on my mind that I can't shut off when my head hits the sheets but I think better days are ahead. :) This week is nuts but next week calms a bit and Aunt Robin and Uncle Lawrence are going to come visit us -we can't wait! The timing is perfect, right after the crazy and before the next wave of crazy hits!

Well, yesterday I officially enrolled B in school! It was a bit nerve wracking w/ the whole address thing but no one asked anything, I did have to write down her previous school and the location of it so...curious if that will ever come up but all in all, its done and I'm so relieved. Hooray for registration being done for the foreseeable future!!! Now...onto our housing! Yilkes!

Our inspection went fairly well, as expected with old homes there are a few things that may need addressing and some folks are coming out today to look into those...pray for smooth sailing! I just want it all to move along and for the new owners to love their new home!

I think that's all the news for now, I need to run to the store to get some ingredients to make a cheesecake per a mi casa kiddo's bday request...hope it chills in time!! Then I have a sr photo shoot this afternoon, lots going on over here! Thanks for checking in! xo


Anonymous said...

Craziness! How fun to have Robin and Lawrence!!!! Slow down, tootums - you're going to need your strength:) So glad everything went well in Cali!

Kemi Winn said...

I am so glad you got B registered with NO questions asked! I'll be praying for easy and inexpensive house fixes, a good night's sleep and time to catch your breath.u I know Robin and Lawrence are looking forward to visiting you.