April 9, 2014

I didn't get much sleep last night

Yesterday was a total zoo, running from one thing to the next with mere minutes in between each thing. After mi casa last night Adam and I both collapsed on the couch and watched some mindless TV for an hour before crawling into bed. Even though I was exhausted I was up and looking at the clock at 2am, my mind racing with things. Today I was up and at 'em, getting the beds made, dishes put away, picking up crumbs my munchkins left behind. :) Nothing like having a house of college students over the night before new owners are coming to see their house for the first time! Adam and I both had to be out of the house by 10am so the new owners could come hang out here and check every nook and crannie (can you just imagine buying your first house sight unseen and then finally walking in the door?!) -I hope they loved my house as much as I do. Sigh. (I really *don't* want to sell my house, sniff).  :( But onward and upward...right?!

Our friend Matt is in town from the UK, since I might be flying to CA tomorrow (still waiting for the blessed phone call) tonight is potentially the only night I'll get to see him! So, he's coming over tonight after he gets done with his dinner thing he has to attend. So, it will likely be a late night on minimal sleep and possibly an early flight tomorrow? :) (aren't you all just plain jealous of my life right now?? .....................crickets..................................................................).

Today is supposed to be a warm one, I have a shoot later this afternoon to throw into the mix! I'm thankful for the sun but wouldn't mind it a tad cooler while shooting. :/ Well, I just got home b/c the new owners have been in the house for hours so I had to make myself scarce, lots to get done! Happy Wednesday, all! Oh, really quick -I tried a new recipe for mi casa last night per one gal's request for her bday, google: sopapilla cheesecake -it was so easy and so delish! One last thing, I got a blog post up so head on over HERE to check it out! xo

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Robin said...

Wild and Crazy! What exciting times you are having. Right now you may be flying to CA. You and Adam will certainly be ready for a rest when the move is complete and you know a bit more about where you're living.
This picture of the woman with beautiful legs and fabulous shoes ... where on earth did you find that chair? It makes for a truly great shot.