April 18, 2014

like comfy old jeans

Last night...I slept, and it was wonderful. I think I just needed to get through this week and I did and I am starting to feel normal again and I'm so thankful. Today B is off from school and Adam is off from work! Score! We get a relaxing day at home, just the 3 of us and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm going to do laundry (something I've neglected for quite a while), wash the sheets (don't ask mom...its been a while on that too), and purge. I'm going to separate some things into a pile for sale and a pile for donation. I've decided that since we are on the verge of a MAJOR downsize, as much as I love some certain items...they need to go. I'm going to be selling furniture, home goods, etc. at a home sale in a few weeks (exact date TBD). I think it will be good, good to simplify and pare down. I know life isn't about things, but keeping in real, I do kinda love my "things" -so, it will be good for me to let some of them go. Sigh.

You know, life is funny...its full of so many twists and turns. Last night Adam said to me "I keep thinking about all the places this job search could have taken us, and all of the small Christian schools out there, etc. and yet, we're ending up right back at our favorite place to be -isn't that crazy?!" Yes, yes it is. Although we love Texas, and Waco in particular, and we were more than okay with it being home forever, I can't help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy over going back home to Pasadena. I've never been quiet about my love for the dena, I tell folks all the time that "if I could afford to live there, Pasadena is where I'd choose." Well, I still can't technically afford to live there but it is my favorite city (right up there with Paris :) and I can't believe we get to live there again. Spoiled. I'm not gonna lie, I'm sad to leave my house - I love this house and its been good to us and we could have potentially lived in it forever, but...its just a house. I get excited when I think of trading in my 2700 sq ft house for a 1000 sq ft cottage, something stirs inside me and it just feels right, like comfy old jeans. It feels familiar and right and good.

These next few months are going to be challenging and busy, but its all pretty darn exciting. Happy sigh. I just updated my blog, head on over here to see a cute senior! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Hooray for a good night sleep! And hooray for Pasadena! At least it's on the west coast and a fairly easy drive.
I love your attitude toward downsizing. The people of Waco are going to be thrilled at the opportunity to shop at your house!