April 10, 2014

she's in!

So I STILL hadn't received "the call" and couldn't wait any longer, I needed to know as I had shoots booked this weekend, etc. Anyhoo, I called, they confirmed she got in and said I had until Monday to register her! WHO HOO!!! So, tomorrow off I go! It's going to be a crazy couple days but we are so.thankful. to have this taken care of! Our friend ended up not making it into town last night so, it was kinda nice to have a breather and just sit on the couch for a bit. The folks who bought our house said they loved it so that's great! Tomorrow is the inspection so the ball is officially in motion! I gotta go pack and get some things done before I fly out tomorrow, thanks for your prayers and for checking in! xo


Anonymous said...

Sooooo excited for you (and Brennan!) and so thankful to God for opening each door. Safe flight and enjoy the ride:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Grateful things are moving forward for everyone.

Robin said...

The best news!