April 17, 2014

still here

Its only a little after 10am and its been hustling and bustling around here. We just had the a/c guys back out b/c something was going on in the tippy top that needed resolved (breaker issue, no biggie), the dish network guy has been out b/c something is going on w/ our TV service, and I've been placing photo orders and editing since I got out of bed. Oh, and writing mi casa letters which makes me feel emotionally drained and exhausted but the days are slipping away and its got to be done.

Sigh...moving, so draining! We had some folks out yesterday looking into inspection issues so, it just seems like our house is a revolving door of activity but, things are getting checked off the list which just means the move is actually happening. I think May is going to be here before we know it, any one else get that feeling? Well, B has early dismissal today and is out of school Friday and Monday for the Easter holiday so I gotta get going to make the most of my time today! Thanks for checking in! xo

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