April 4, 2014

that angst feeling

I feel like I'm getting to that point in this stage of limbo where the angst creeps in a bit. Sigh. There are SO many unknowns that I just want.to.know!!!! B's school being at the top of that list. I have the Pasadena Unified School District phone number memorized as I have called them...a lot. Really, they should just let B in so we can all move on with our lives. :) I did learn some new information yesterday, the school where we're hoping B will go has projections of their openings, almost the whole school had ZERO openings except for 2nd grade! Amazing, right?!! That's the good news, the bad news is that there were only 5 projected openings and B is #3 on the waitlist, so the other 5 folks ahead of her in the lottery got those spots, so we technically needed there to be 8 openings. Sigh. (SO close!!!!) BUT, some folks may move, or go with a different school, or have forgotten to actually register, etc. I just talked to the district office and they said they'll know more this weekend about if I have hope or not...and then they said at the end of the month is the absolute deadline so I can technically keep hope alive until April 28th but after that its a done deal. So, PLEASE be praying she gets in and that we'll know this weekend, I'm a ball of nerves about it all. I'm all but taking my cell phone into the shower with me just on the off chance that is when they might call (I wish I was kidding). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This lottery business is no joke!

In other news, we got an offer on our house yesterday! That's exciting but we counter offered so its not a done deal by any means, hopefully we can work something out. So, a bit of angst from that whole situation too.

The weather this weekend looks just plain awful which is a huge bummer b/c I was supposed to shoot Saturday AND Sunday and at this time of year I run out of days to re-schedule as folks need their grad photos for announcements, etc.. It gets dicey, and clearly, there is zero I can do about the weather. Angst.

We found out we need to replace the A/C unit in the tippy top and that we need to have someone come in and cut a hole in the wall and add doors for a new access panel..that's going to be expensive. Angst.

Sorry if it feels like I just threw up on all of you, my mind is racing these days with lots of things and sometimes it just feels good to process through writing. I realize in the grand scheme, this is all no big deal, that most of the world would kill to have these be their "big issues," I know, its all perspective. Thanks for indulging me and my first world problems, have a lovely day! :) xo


Anonymous said...

all I can think of is when Adam left his phone at home when APU called. I don't think you'll make that mistake:) Praying that everything will work out - please try not to stress (do as I say....)
I love you,

Anonymous said...

when i played the pasadena school district lottery with ethan he didn't end up getting into our school of choice before school i just let it go and didn't give it another thought. school started and after 3 days i got the call that he had got in after the year had actually started. all that to say, if she doesn't get in now, she still has a chance after school starts.

what school is it by the way??