April 28, 2014

the beginning of the end

This week marks the beginning of the end of our time here in Waco, (enter mixed emotion sigh). This week we have our appraisal, which is the last step in the home selling process. Also this week I'm hosting a moving sale (Wacoans: this Saturday, my house 10-2) so several things will be sold, my house will start to look like its in transition and boxes will start being packed up. In a way I'm glad this is happening since it makes it all seem real, but there is part of me that wants to fight it and keep my house exactly how it is....forever. I've mentioned on this here blog many times but I'm not a huge fan of change (understatement) and I hate the moving process (understatement) but I am excited for the next chapter and am eager to see what that looks like. Our next housing situation remains a big mystery at this point, its so daunting to look at buying as anything "reasonable" is in the ghetto or sells so quickly and for over the already high asking price that is seems next to impossible. Renting seems daunting as well b/c that just puts off another year of buying in which case things will be even more expensive so it seems that getting in the door would never happen. A catch 22 to be sure. Sigh. One thing at a time..............

Well, I've got my work cut out for me today, I'm buried in editing and have 5 more letters that need to get written this week to my mi casa darlings -gonna get after it. Happy Monday, all!

Head on over HERE to check out this cute senior! xo

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