April 30, 2014


We had our second to last mi casa last night, that is just nuts! We talked about what we wanted our last mi casa to look like, what we wanted to eat, do, etc. SO crazy that after 4 years with these guys its all going to come to an end next Tuesday. Brennan didn't realize it was our last one coming up and she kinda freaked out  -I told her they were graduating, it wasn't my fault! :/ My little girl is going to miss these guys a lot, she is so comfortable with them after all this time and they adore her -I'm gonna miss watching their interactions. Sniff.

Well, I was putting off getting my home goods sale ready b/c I kept waiting for the appraisal -wanted the house to look as put together as possible for that but it looks like it might not happen until next week so I need to get on it! I need to pull out boxes, figure out what can go, etc. Not really looking forward to that so much. (Moving...ughhh!!!!).

I need to get some letters written and photos edited, if you wanna check out this cute fam head on over HERE! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

What a mix of emotions you must be feeling! Your mi casa kids and friends will be so sad to see you leave but your west coast family and friends couldn't be happier.

Hope your sale goes well!