May 28, 2014

taking deep breaths

Whew! It was a whirlwind trip to Oregon this past weekend! I did a lot of laying around while we were there, really trying to get my back all better. My sister in law had a lovely wedding and it was fun to see family for a few days! A good but too short trip! We got back Sunday night and immediately upon walking in the door I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up hours later only to crawl into bed where I stayed....for 14 hours until Adam woke me up! I think its safe to say I was a bit tired? I think my body is just trying to heal itself from this back thing, it has really been a long couple weeks! I'm still not "all better" yet but I'm getting there a bit more each day. Yesterday I did some editing and some packing, some days I feel like I have a good handle on the moving stuff and some days I feel overwhelmed like it will never get all done! We pretty much are living out of our suitcase and packing and unpacking it each week, we're gone every weekend until we move! I'm doing laundry and getting ready to pack again as we're headed to Dallas tomorrow. B is the flower girl in a wedding on Friday, the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night so I booked a hotel with an indoor pool so we'll head up early tomorrow to play! We'll come back to Waco on Saturday and Adam is preaching at church on Sunday! To say we've got a lot going on around here would be an understatement. Tonight there is a surprise dinner for us (well, its a surprise for Adam...I know about it :), several of our friends are hosting a dinner for a last hurrah before everyone leaves for the summer, bittersweet. :/

I need to get going, B still doesn't have shoes to wear with her flower girl dress and the packing is never ending! Thanks for checking in! xo

May 21, 2014

the last day of first grade

I feel even better today than I did yesterday, relief!! I'm still not 100% of course and will be donning my hideous back brace a while longer but its so nice to get up and walk around with out stopping every step to catch my breath from pain! Thank you for all your prayers, I just feel so so thankful.

Today is a big day in the Winn household, B has her last day of first grade. Its bittersweet, for all of us I think. She mentioned last night that she was sad knowing that today would be the last day she would ever see some of her friends, that broke my heart...makes me sad too. I have loved B's school and it has been such a good fit for her personality, the proximity to our house, etc. I'm sad to leave it. :( On the other side, I can't believe I have a second grader!! Sounds so old! We'll go out for ice cream after school to celebrate of course. :) I just booked our hotel, we head to Dallas tonight as we have an early flight to Oregon in the morning for Adam's sisters wedding on Friday. And thus begins the summer-o-weddings! We have a wedding almost every weekend from now until mid July. I love weddings, but even I think that sounds a little crazy when I say it out loud.

Well, I've got my work cut out for me today, packing, some editing that I've neglected as I haven't been able to sit for a week, some errands, etc. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you back here next week! xo

(b/c posts are better w/ pics, here is a peek of a sr I'm working on! She's one of my mi casa darlings, love this girl!)

May 20, 2014

drugs....lots of drugs and relief

So yesterday I went to urgent care as I just wasn't getting better, and in my past experience I'm typically better by now. The gave me 4 prescriptions and recommended a MRI (which I hope to do at some point in the fall). Needless to say, after taking the drugs and laying flat on my back with a heating pad for several hours I FINALLY got some relief! I feel so.much.better. today, finally!! I'm clearly still sore and am not back to normal yet but I'm so so thankful for some relief from that crazy pain! I could hardly walk into the urgent care office so I'm sure they took a lot of pity of me. :) Thanks to everyone for the emails, texts, phone calls, etc. to let me know you were thinking of me, really appreciated!

Well, after all this time the appraisal for our house is finally happening today! (of course...since our house is a disaster after me doing nothing for a week...sigh). So, I'm going to try and help get it in some order before they get here in 2 hours. Fingers crossed it appraises!! Thanks for checking in, its going to be a busy week for us so it will be pretty quiet over here. xo

May 19, 2014

laid up

For the past 5.5 days I have been laid up in the house. I haven't left my bed/couch/house since last Wednesday with the exception of 1 afternoon where I photographed a mi casa darling for about an hour (and that was a challenge with a bad back). I threw my back out like I do several times a year only this time....has been the absolute worst (and the worst timing!). The pain is unreal, its unlike anything I've experience before and Adam has quite literally had to carry me to/from the bathroom which is essentially the only time I stand up. This has been pure misery/torture. Typically when this happens I'm good to go after about 4 days, so being nearly on day 6 and still with so much pain/discomfort I am beyond discouraged. I am definitely better than I was at the beginning of this ordeal but I still feel so far from "better" that it just makes me feel so frustrated! Especially in light of all we have to get done. B has 2 more days of school after today, then we fly to Oregon on Thursday, I'm already wondering how sitting on the airplane for all those hours is going to work?! So, if you pray, please pray for me -that this back craziness would go away and I could resume normal life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

To say I'm behind on work (and anything else for that matter) would be a massive understatement. I blogged this session a while ago so now I'm just hitting "publish" but head on over HERE to check out this senior! xo

May 14, 2014

hey there

Hey! Sorry for the blog lull, it was a crazy weekend and due to the bad weather I have to keep re-scheduling shoots so even though I have sessions to blog, I haven't had to be in front of my computer editing so I've taken a few days away from it and its been really nice. There are officially boxes piled up in certain rooms of the house, we are definitely in transition mode around here. The big "where are we going to live" question still looms but we have some time still to figure that out. We put in a good offer on a house and we were chosen as the "backup" offer should the offer they accepted fall through. Sigh. Disappointing for sure b/c we were pretty smitten with this particular house but, I just keep reminding myself that the Lord knows so we'll just wait and see. B only has a few days left of school which is so nuts to me! Where does the time go?! Growing up I never got out of school until mid June so this is just seems so early to me! Adam has wrapped up classes at BU and UMHB so he is still doing all of his grading and online stuff but its nice to have him around more. :)

I've been on a "healthy dinner" kick lately, the ol' pants are a little too tight for my liking so, time to reign it in. Sigh. Why can't we all just eat whatever we want and not gain weight?!! :) I tried this turkey meatloaf and it was delish! The balsamic glaze really adds something, would definitely give it a try! Last night I made "mock" chicken enchiladas and they were so good! Essentially use low fat sour cream, low fat cream cheese, part skim mozzarella and replace tortillas with whole hatch green chilies, voila! Adam LOVED it, I thought he would feel tortured by my healthy dinner but he said he would love it to be a regular around here! Success!

Back to this weekend, Adam and I went with some friends of ours to Dallas and spent the night in a hotel and played "Top Golf" -so fun! I've never golfed before but I tell ya what, sitting in your own bay with waitresses that bring you drinks/food, music playing and hitting off a high rise area onto a golf course is the way to do it! We had a great time and I WON! I was pretty proud of that since my husband actually golfs and this was my first.time.ever. Anyhoo, if you live in a town with a "top golf" you gotta go!

I think that's all the news around here, more packing and working for me today! Here is a peek of a bridal session that I'll be sharing after the wedding next month! xo

May 9, 2014

Weekend Getaway

In a bit of a rush this morning as Adam and I are about to head out for a weekend getaway with two of our besties, hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Head on over HERE to check out this cute senior! xo

May 7, 2014

The End of an Era ~ Winn Mi Casa 2011-2014

Last night was wonderful and rough at the same time, just as I knew it would be. All of my babies (minus 2 that took a semester off) were here and that made for a full house and heart. We ate one last dinner together, played one last game, buried our time capsule in the yard, and exchanged gifts and goodbyes. I knew it would be emotional for me and it was, but so life giving and affirming too. I honestly didn't expect too much from the time capsule bit, I thought it would be more humorous and light hearted but was blown away by all of the thought that these guys put into their "item." One of them made a cell phone out of cardboard and wrote a text from me on it saying something like "Where are you?!!" As it was customary for me to send them texts if mi casa started and they weren't here yet. He went on to say how he chose this item b/c he always knew he was wanted here. Someone else chose a birthday candle to symbolize their birthday mi casa and how special it made them feel. Item after item brought tears to my eyes listening to how this has been their home away from home the past 4 years and how they always felt loved and wanted here - to Adam and I, that was "mission accomplished" and so affirming to my heart. I was too emotional to say much, even though I wanted to but I explained that I wrote them letters that essentially "said it all" and that I hoped they knew how much they were cared for and loved by us. They gave Adam and I a precious frame of our church's benediction of "Love God, Embrace Beauty and Live Life to the Fullest" surrounded by words of affirmation and thanks from them, it was really special and will have a place on honor in our next home.

I feel really depleted today, I've declared it a "mental health" day and am going to nap, get a pedicure, try not to talk to anyone for fear of bursting into tears, and just be. I want to just be present in this time of thankfulness and sadness and let it simmer in my soul for a bit. So thankful for each one of these precious souls and the permanent imprint they've made on my heart. xo

May 5, 2014

part work, part fun

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm glad its May, April about killed me and I'm thankful for a new month and getting some things wrapped up and more in order around here. This weekend was good, Friday night our church hosted "Date Night" which means they watched our kiddos while us parents got to go out! Adam and I went out for drinks and appetizers and chatted the night away, it was really, really nice. It was so great having time set aside to just talk and dream about our future and spend time with one another without feeling rushed by a babysitter/$ in the back of our minds (thanks UBC)! Saturday we had our moving sale at the house, thanks to everyone who came out! We sold some of our bigger items that we know we won't have room for and it just felt good to purge. I'm having a yard sale with a friend in 2 weeks to try and sell the remaining items so hopefully we'll pare down even more. Then we had a birthday party in the afternoon and church and lunch with friends yesterday -good weekend. This week will be bittersweet for me, tomorrow is our very.last.winnmicasa.ever. I've been dreading this for months now. I know it will be a sweet time of doing one last meal together, playing one last game, etc. but I'm SO not looking forward to saying goodbye to these precious "kids" who have each made their own unique place permanently in my heart. Yesterday at church was "Senior Sunday" -all the graduates get on stage and say what their degree is in and what their plans are after graduation -that was really neat. So many of those kids were "mine" and I was so proud listening to what they've accomplished and what their future plans are. I have a Baylor graduation announcement on my fridge -one of my kids is going on to medical school and he graduated with a Biochemistry degree, with honors! These guys blow me away, so smart! And they chose to spend their Tuesdays with me and Adam for the past 4 years, so blessed.

After much deliberating we all decided to bring an item to bury in our backyard that is a memory of the last 4 years (sorry future owners!). Its a bit silly of course but we're all saying goodbye to this house in a way, its been an important place for each of us and we all wanted to leave something behind. Sweet B had everyone sign a piece of paper and that is what she wants to bury, a part of each person. I'm still undecided about what my item will be...I need to do some thinking about that today. Long sigh. So, these next couple days are gonna be rough, I've got some work to do, some letters to go over, food to prepare, goodbyes to say, etc. The end of the week is the "fun" part, I'm thankful for the timing b/c I feel like I'll need a light at the end of this hard/emotional beginning of the week. Our dear friends and Adam and I are headed to Dallas for a last hurrah together. We've spent a lot of time with these friends and we needed to have a planned event for just the 4 of us to make a memory before we make our move, it will be a lot of fun. Oh moving....its so hard, can I fast-forward to August? :)

I hope you all have a great Monday and week ahead! Eat a taco today and head on over HERE to check out this senior! xo