May 20, 2014

drugs....lots of drugs and relief

So yesterday I went to urgent care as I just wasn't getting better, and in my past experience I'm typically better by now. The gave me 4 prescriptions and recommended a MRI (which I hope to do at some point in the fall). Needless to say, after taking the drugs and laying flat on my back with a heating pad for several hours I FINALLY got some relief! I feel so.much.better. today, finally!! I'm clearly still sore and am not back to normal yet but I'm so so thankful for some relief from that crazy pain! I could hardly walk into the urgent care office so I'm sure they took a lot of pity of me. :) Thanks to everyone for the emails, texts, phone calls, etc. to let me know you were thinking of me, really appreciated!

Well, after all this time the appraisal for our house is finally happening today! (of course...since our house is a disaster after me doing nothing for a week...sigh). So, I'm going to try and help get it in some order before they get here in 2 hours. Fingers crossed it appraises!! Thanks for checking in, its going to be a busy week for us so it will be pretty quiet over here. xo


Kemi Winn said...

Molly, I am so glad that you went to urgent care and are finally getting some relief !!!!! I think you should just be the director and let Adam get the house in order. Please take it easy!

Anonymous said...

May I say "ditto" and Amen to Kemi's comments? As you told me, you could not have survived without Adam, and I know he would do anything you asked:) My gosh, the man cleans the shower!!!!
So thankful you are feeling better.