May 14, 2014

hey there

Hey! Sorry for the blog lull, it was a crazy weekend and due to the bad weather I have to keep re-scheduling shoots so even though I have sessions to blog, I haven't had to be in front of my computer editing so I've taken a few days away from it and its been really nice. There are officially boxes piled up in certain rooms of the house, we are definitely in transition mode around here. The big "where are we going to live" question still looms but we have some time still to figure that out. We put in a good offer on a house and we were chosen as the "backup" offer should the offer they accepted fall through. Sigh. Disappointing for sure b/c we were pretty smitten with this particular house but, I just keep reminding myself that the Lord knows so we'll just wait and see. B only has a few days left of school which is so nuts to me! Where does the time go?! Growing up I never got out of school until mid June so this is just seems so early to me! Adam has wrapped up classes at BU and UMHB so he is still doing all of his grading and online stuff but its nice to have him around more. :)

I've been on a "healthy dinner" kick lately, the ol' pants are a little too tight for my liking so, time to reign it in. Sigh. Why can't we all just eat whatever we want and not gain weight?!! :) I tried this turkey meatloaf and it was delish! The balsamic glaze really adds something, would definitely give it a try! Last night I made "mock" chicken enchiladas and they were so good! Essentially use low fat sour cream, low fat cream cheese, part skim mozzarella and replace tortillas with whole hatch green chilies, voila! Adam LOVED it, I thought he would feel tortured by my healthy dinner but he said he would love it to be a regular around here! Success!

Back to this weekend, Adam and I went with some friends of ours to Dallas and spent the night in a hotel and played "Top Golf" -so fun! I've never golfed before but I tell ya what, sitting in your own bay with waitresses that bring you drinks/food, music playing and hitting off a high rise area onto a golf course is the way to do it! We had a great time and I WON! I was pretty proud of that since my husband actually golfs and this was my first.time.ever. Anyhoo, if you live in a town with a "top golf" you gotta go!

I think that's all the news around here, more packing and working for me today! Here is a peek of a bridal session that I'll be sharing after the wedding next month! xo


Kemi Winn said...

That meatloaf recipe looks delicious and I'd love to try it. But I'm not sure it can compare to your FAMOUS meatloaf!

Anonymous said...

too much garlic for me, as usual:(
that wedding dress and bouquet is stunning! - can't wait to see the rest. So glad you had so much fun in Dallas!