May 19, 2014

laid up

For the past 5.5 days I have been laid up in the house. I haven't left my bed/couch/house since last Wednesday with the exception of 1 afternoon where I photographed a mi casa darling for about an hour (and that was a challenge with a bad back). I threw my back out like I do several times a year only this time....has been the absolute worst (and the worst timing!). The pain is unreal, its unlike anything I've experience before and Adam has quite literally had to carry me to/from the bathroom which is essentially the only time I stand up. This has been pure misery/torture. Typically when this happens I'm good to go after about 4 days, so being nearly on day 6 and still with so much pain/discomfort I am beyond discouraged. I am definitely better than I was at the beginning of this ordeal but I still feel so far from "better" that it just makes me feel so frustrated! Especially in light of all we have to get done. B has 2 more days of school after today, then we fly to Oregon on Thursday, I'm already wondering how sitting on the airplane for all those hours is going to work?! So, if you pray, please pray for me -that this back craziness would go away and I could resume normal life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

To say I'm behind on work (and anything else for that matter) would be a massive understatement. I blogged this session a while ago so now I'm just hitting "publish" but head on over HERE to check out this senior! xo

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Anonymous said...

I hope your pain hurries up and goes away!! Feel better! Love you lots!!