May 5, 2014

part work, part fun

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm glad its May, April about killed me and I'm thankful for a new month and getting some things wrapped up and more in order around here. This weekend was good, Friday night our church hosted "Date Night" which means they watched our kiddos while us parents got to go out! Adam and I went out for drinks and appetizers and chatted the night away, it was really, really nice. It was so great having time set aside to just talk and dream about our future and spend time with one another without feeling rushed by a babysitter/$ in the back of our minds (thanks UBC)! Saturday we had our moving sale at the house, thanks to everyone who came out! We sold some of our bigger items that we know we won't have room for and it just felt good to purge. I'm having a yard sale with a friend in 2 weeks to try and sell the remaining items so hopefully we'll pare down even more. Then we had a birthday party in the afternoon and church and lunch with friends yesterday -good weekend. This week will be bittersweet for me, tomorrow is our very.last.winnmicasa.ever. I've been dreading this for months now. I know it will be a sweet time of doing one last meal together, playing one last game, etc. but I'm SO not looking forward to saying goodbye to these precious "kids" who have each made their own unique place permanently in my heart. Yesterday at church was "Senior Sunday" -all the graduates get on stage and say what their degree is in and what their plans are after graduation -that was really neat. So many of those kids were "mine" and I was so proud listening to what they've accomplished and what their future plans are. I have a Baylor graduation announcement on my fridge -one of my kids is going on to medical school and he graduated with a Biochemistry degree, with honors! These guys blow me away, so smart! And they chose to spend their Tuesdays with me and Adam for the past 4 years, so blessed.

After much deliberating we all decided to bring an item to bury in our backyard that is a memory of the last 4 years (sorry future owners!). Its a bit silly of course but we're all saying goodbye to this house in a way, its been an important place for each of us and we all wanted to leave something behind. Sweet B had everyone sign a piece of paper and that is what she wants to bury, a part of each person. I'm still undecided about what my item will be...I need to do some thinking about that today. Long sigh. So, these next couple days are gonna be rough, I've got some work to do, some letters to go over, food to prepare, goodbyes to say, etc. The end of the week is the "fun" part, I'm thankful for the timing b/c I feel like I'll need a light at the end of this hard/emotional beginning of the week. Our dear friends and Adam and I are headed to Dallas for a last hurrah together. We've spent a lot of time with these friends and we needed to have a planned event for just the 4 of us to make a memory before we make our move, it will be a lot of fun. Oh moving....its so hard, can I fast-forward to August? :)

I hope you all have a great Monday and week ahead! Eat a taco today and head on over HERE to check out this senior! xo


Kemi Winn said...

Did you get to watch Mr. Rogers? I love that tradition.

I hope B signed the paper too . She is a very special part of the Mi Casa family. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kemi - B must also sign the paper. I'm wondering what you decided to bury? What wonderful memories. Enjoy every minute tonight!!!