May 28, 2014

taking deep breaths

Whew! It was a whirlwind trip to Oregon this past weekend! I did a lot of laying around while we were there, really trying to get my back all better. My sister in law had a lovely wedding and it was fun to see family for a few days! A good but too short trip! We got back Sunday night and immediately upon walking in the door I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up hours later only to crawl into bed where I stayed....for 14 hours until Adam woke me up! I think its safe to say I was a bit tired? I think my body is just trying to heal itself from this back thing, it has really been a long couple weeks! I'm still not "all better" yet but I'm getting there a bit more each day. Yesterday I did some editing and some packing, some days I feel like I have a good handle on the moving stuff and some days I feel overwhelmed like it will never get all done! We pretty much are living out of our suitcase and packing and unpacking it each week, we're gone every weekend until we move! I'm doing laundry and getting ready to pack again as we're headed to Dallas tomorrow. B is the flower girl in a wedding on Friday, the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night so I booked a hotel with an indoor pool so we'll head up early tomorrow to play! We'll come back to Waco on Saturday and Adam is preaching at church on Sunday! To say we've got a lot going on around here would be an understatement. Tonight there is a surprise dinner for us (well, its a surprise for Adam...I know about it :), several of our friends are hosting a dinner for a last hurrah before everyone leaves for the summer, bittersweet. :/

I need to get going, B still doesn't have shoes to wear with her flower girl dress and the packing is never ending! Thanks for checking in! xo


Anonymous said...

You guys just wear me out reading about your travels! So glad the wedding was wonderful - knew it would be! What great friends you have - would love to see the look on Adam's face:)
Excited to see this weekend's wedding pics (especially that sweet B!)

Robin said...

Back issues are no fun! And it does take a long time to get all those muscles purring nicely again. Then, one little mistake in lifting or turning, and you risk a setback. Praying for you!