May 7, 2014

The End of an Era ~ Winn Mi Casa 2011-2014

Last night was wonderful and rough at the same time, just as I knew it would be. All of my babies (minus 2 that took a semester off) were here and that made for a full house and heart. We ate one last dinner together, played one last game, buried our time capsule in the yard, and exchanged gifts and goodbyes. I knew it would be emotional for me and it was, but so life giving and affirming too. I honestly didn't expect too much from the time capsule bit, I thought it would be more humorous and light hearted but was blown away by all of the thought that these guys put into their "item." One of them made a cell phone out of cardboard and wrote a text from me on it saying something like "Where are you?!!" As it was customary for me to send them texts if mi casa started and they weren't here yet. He went on to say how he chose this item b/c he always knew he was wanted here. Someone else chose a birthday candle to symbolize their birthday mi casa and how special it made them feel. Item after item brought tears to my eyes listening to how this has been their home away from home the past 4 years and how they always felt loved and wanted here - to Adam and I, that was "mission accomplished" and so affirming to my heart. I was too emotional to say much, even though I wanted to but I explained that I wrote them letters that essentially "said it all" and that I hoped they knew how much they were cared for and loved by us. They gave Adam and I a precious frame of our church's benediction of "Love God, Embrace Beauty and Live Life to the Fullest" surrounded by words of affirmation and thanks from them, it was really special and will have a place on honor in our next home.

I feel really depleted today, I've declared it a "mental health" day and am going to nap, get a pedicure, try not to talk to anyone for fear of bursting into tears, and just be. I want to just be present in this time of thankfulness and sadness and let it simmer in my soul for a bit. So thankful for each one of these precious souls and the permanent imprint they've made on my heart. xo


Anonymous said...

I'm crying and I didn't even know these kids - what a beautiful tribute - what a blessing. Just rest today, tootums. I love you.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love you Mol. I hope today is a healing time for you and to remember be thankful for how you touched these kids' lives. There are others out there waiting for your and Adam's love, wisodom and guidance! xo