May 21, 2014

the last day of first grade

I feel even better today than I did yesterday, relief!! I'm still not 100% of course and will be donning my hideous back brace a while longer but its so nice to get up and walk around with out stopping every step to catch my breath from pain! Thank you for all your prayers, I just feel so so thankful.

Today is a big day in the Winn household, B has her last day of first grade. Its bittersweet, for all of us I think. She mentioned last night that she was sad knowing that today would be the last day she would ever see some of her friends, that broke my heart...makes me sad too. I have loved B's school and it has been such a good fit for her personality, the proximity to our house, etc. I'm sad to leave it. :( On the other side, I can't believe I have a second grader!! Sounds so old! We'll go out for ice cream after school to celebrate of course. :) I just booked our hotel, we head to Dallas tonight as we have an early flight to Oregon in the morning for Adam's sisters wedding on Friday. And thus begins the summer-o-weddings! We have a wedding almost every weekend from now until mid July. I love weddings, but even I think that sounds a little crazy when I say it out loud.

Well, I've got my work cut out for me today, packing, some editing that I've neglected as I haven't been able to sit for a week, some errands, etc. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you back here next week! xo

(b/c posts are better w/ pics, here is a peek of a sr I'm working on! She's one of my mi casa darlings, love this girl!)

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Anonymous said...

So thankful for your relief from pain, Molly! Take it easy this weekend - just enjoy the wedding and seeing family. Glad you are doing something so fun for Brennan to get her mind off the "sadness" - bet she can't wait to see her cousins! Have a wonderful weekend:)