June 2, 2014

all over the road

Sorry for the blog lull, we're a little nuts around here. I feel like I'm all over the road these days, with my emotions that is. Sigh. I hate moving, I know I've said it before and I'm likely to say it again but I do...I hate it. The packing in and of itself is a nightmare but the saying goodbye...that just about kills me every time. I told Adam that I had one more move in me, and this was it. I'm so emotionally drained and we still have 17 days to go. Sweet Adam preached at church yesterday and as he stood up to talk about how we'll miss our community he got emotional and had to pause for a moment, my husband rarely cries so this of course pushed me right.on.over.the.edge. He did a great job and delivered an awesome sermon, but its true, on Sundays -that is when we are reminded of how painful this move really is even in the midst of our excitement about moving back to CA and the joy we have over Adam's new job. Its just hard right now.

Last weekend one of my girls got married and that was such a neat thing to be a part of. Brennan did a great job of being the flower girl and Carlee looked so beautiful. I'm so happy for her and Tanner and the life they are starting, made my heart happy (in the midst of my mama tears of course). I met Carlee's mom for the first time and as she thanked me for having her daughter in my home each week I started to say how much I loved her daughter and that was it, the flood gates opened and I was paralyzed to say more. I'm a loose canon these days! I think I should just choose not to talk for the next couple weeks, you never know when my tears are gonna flow! Poor Adam, he has to deal with me! :/ It was so fun having so many of my mi casa kids at the wedding, we all shared a reception table together and it was like a little family reunion, I loved it. This Friday we head to east Texas for more of the same, B is the flower girl and my kiddos will travel as we watch sweet Casey and Ben start their life together....so sweet. Happy/sad sigh.

Well, in other news Adam and I had a bummer of a conversation with our loan guy in CA this weekend. We thought we were all set to move forward with purchasing a house and we had an offer in on a house this weekend, we were all set to make our final counter offer, we checked w/ our loan guy to make sure we were good to go when he let us know he actually needed Adam's paystubs from his new job! DOH! We thought that wasn't necessary but turns out it is so....we lost the house and realized we had to put the search on hold for a  few months. BIG BUMMER. Not only had I mentally moved into our "new place" but knowing we'll have to find a short-term rental really really bums me out. That means yet another move, likely living in the ghetto for a few months (b/c really, short term rentals are hard to come by and are typically pretty sketchy). So, to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. AND the loan rates were at the lowest the had been in a while so now was the time to strike. BIG SIGH. Since my surroundings are hugely important to me (maybe a character issue but it is what it is) its very hard to be motivated to pack up my house when I have no house to go to, really bums me out. So, there's that.

I'm not sleeping real well and my body is doing what it always does when it gets stressed which isn't awesome, so, we'll take your prayers if you've got 'em. :) My back is on the mend still which I'm super thankful for, not 100% yet but I'm getting there. Thanks for checking in, really appreciate ya'll caring about our life. :)

I finally blogged so head on over HERE to check out this cute fam! Happy Monday, all! xo


Kemi Winn said...

Yes, the goodbyes are almost always harder than the packing! I am so sorry about the house situation. But with all the details God has worked out so far I am sure you can trust him with this. We will be praying!
I'm looking forward to seeing some flower girl pics!

Robin said...

Oh the ups and downs of life! Thanks for sharing them with us so we can pray from a distance. We do care.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you on so many levels...just wish I was there to help and give you lots of hugs! - will trust Adam and B for that one:) God is your strength and healer and He WILL work all of this out.
Yes, to "ditto" Kemi once again - can't wait to see B's flower girl pics!