June 9, 2014

last full week

Today begins our last full week in Waco, bittersweet is the only word. I was talking to my sister yesterday and explaining that the long goodbye needs to come to an end. We're at the point in our leaving process where we've "almost" had the "one last" xyz but there's still a little more time so it drags on a bit...does that make sense? For instance, at church on Sunday our worship pastor said "I thought ya'll had your last Sunday already?" But we technically still have 1 more. The transitional period is starting to wear a bit and it just feels like its time to wrap it up here. Due to Texas weather being Texas weather, I'm still shooting this week even though I hoped to be all done at the end of May. And the weather is still nasty so...it continues. I had a shoot scheduled for tonight (that has already been re-scheduled like 3x due to rain) it is POURING outside! Sigh. I'm not gonna lie, I won't miss this weather! It looks SO dark and dreary outside and yet its like 80 degrees and humid -ick! I have lots of shooting this week so fingers crossed the sun comes out as my days to re-schedule are quickly coming to a close!

Today Adam and I hope to wrap up the packing and get the loose ends squared away. I really need to spend my time working on MWP and not just moving stuff as vacation is quickly approaching (praise God!). Someone should have told me that owning/operating you own business during wedding season while trying to move would be a bit of a nightmare. ;) Sigh.......

Speaking of weddings, this past weekend we piled in the car and drove about 3.5 hours east to Center, TX -aka: no mans land! Cell service was pretty much a joke and the streets were unmarked which made for some of the most stressful 35 minutes of my life as we got lost on the way to the reception (nothing like the wedding photographer not being there!!!!!). Needless to say, it was such a sweet day to be a part of and it was cool to be in a town of 5000 people where sweet Casey and Ben grew up. They each got ready at their grandparents house and there was so much history there, really neat to witness. B did a great job of rocking her flower girl role, so she's pretty much an expert now. :) All in all we had a great weekend celebrating Ben and Casey, happy sigh. Well, I have my work cut out for me this week so I'm gonna get after it!  Here is a peek of one of my favorite photos of Ben and Casey from their big day! More to come! xo

P.S. Head on over HERE to check out a cute senior! (who is also one of my mi casa darlings :)


Kemi Winn said...

Goodbyes are so hard. Dragging it out must be all the more painful!

We are having gorgeous June weather in Oregon. Please don't bring that Texas rain with you! : )

Carrie Schlafmann said...

Right there with ya girl - departing in 4 days, oh my! Without running my own business of course though - whew! I cannot imagine! Good luck!