June 6, 2014

making headway

Pretty much every day this week has looked the same, I wake up around 8:30am, pack all day, maybe take B swimming at our friend's house if we have time, eat dinner, work or watch tv for a bit, put B to bed, hang with Adam for a bit, go to bed around 1am and then do it all over again. Its not been a "fun" week but its been productive and I can finally see some progress. The first couple days just felt like organized chaos, that stage when you're moving but the more you pack the more you realize you still need to pack and your surroundings become piles of craziness  -until yesterday. Yesterday I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, most things that can be packed  -are, and the things that aren't we're still using, or we need to figure out what to pack for the next several weeks that we'll be traveling. I told Brennan to put things in a box that she doesn't care if she sees until August, that sounds far away but I know its not. I've been barely keeping my head above water with MWP stuff, its really hard to run a business and move at the same time...oh yeah, and add wedding season to the mix! I'm shooting weddings the next 2 weekends but then...VACATION. I've told folks that if we knew we were moving we likely wouldn't have booked a vacation this summer, with that said, I think its coming at the perfect time in regards to us desperately needing to take a break and in a way, being "forced" to do so. After our week of glorious vacation we'll head back to Oregon for 2 days to do laundry and re-pack and head to California for 3 days to (hopefully) secure housing. We have our work cut out for us.

In 2 hours we're heading to east Texas as my sweet Casey is getting married tomorrow, B is her flower girl and the rehearsal/dinner starts tonight at 5! She is getting married on Saturday morning so its going to be an early morning for me and then after shooting the wedding we'll head back to Waco and get home Saturday night. The days are going so fast, we're down to only 12 days left in Texas, really hard to believe after calling it home for 4 years. Sniff.

Well, I've got to shower and finish packing for the weekend, I hope you all have a lovely weekend yourselves, thanks for checking in on us! xo

Here is a pic of Carlee and B from last weekend....be still my heart.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this picture is so precious! So thankful you are feeling better and sounds like accomplishing much! Safe travels to your next wedding - looking forward to more beautiful pictures:)

Kemi Winn said...

Yes, this picture is so precious! More to come soon, hopefully.
Sounds like you are super organized an really on top of things! It's hard to believe that you remaining time in Texas is so short!

Kemi Winn said...

Looks like I left off a couple of letters - guess I should proofread.