September 15, 2014

running to stand still

To say its been nuts around here would be an understatement. It has seemed like days upon days of running around but only to feel like we're no further along than when we started. We own the house, yay! But the a/c doesn't work and its been 102 degrees here lately and getting the bids to get it fixed has been a major to-do. So, being at the house isn't so great these days. I officially finished painting B's room, the carpet got ripped up today so...there's progress. Doug officially started working on the laundry situation today so that's great! Its just been a lot of folks coming and going to give bids for this and that but without much actually happening. That's hard. The power got shut off on us the other day which was awful since a guy had just arrived to start working...thankfully they got us connected again rather quickly but it was one of those "nooooooo!!!" moments. Then yesterday, when it was 102 degrees the a/c in our apartment stopped working so we had to pack up all our stuff and move into a different apartment. This was NO fun BUT the new apartment is nicer and bigger with a king size bed!! Probably the best night sleep Adam and I have had in months. I'm just tired and feel worn out by life lately....I know, me and my first world problems but it just feels a tad overwhelming these days. AND on top of all of this, my busiest time of year is right around the corner, which under the best of circumstances about does me in so with all of this on top of it...I feel like I need to check myself in to a mental hospital preemptively. :/

I am officially in month 3 of living out of a suitcase, fingers crossed only for another week? I think that's all the news....we're just taking it a day at a time over here. I'll hopefully have some photos in the next week or so, we'll see. Thanks for checking in. xo


Anonymous said...

Wish I could waive a magic wand! Can't wait for these things to get done so you can officially move in (and have a washer/dryer)!! Am praying for patience and calm for all of you in the midst of the turmoil.

Carrie Schlafmann said...

Huge congrats on owning your new home!!!! And stoked you found a church that may be a good fit - what a relief! Two months living out of a suit case nearly did me in this year ... will be praying for you that you make it through w/o a mental breakdown (or as one of my aunt's has told me, just have the breakdown and get it over with!)

Robin said...

Praying for the grace of Jesus to flow throughout your days.