September 3, 2014

temporary living, phase 2

Well, we're out of our lovely rental home and into a 2 bedroom furnished apartment...a TINY apartment. We're eating off of paper plates and have piles of clothes laying around b/c no one knows where anything is. Sigh. We're still waiting with bated breath to hear when we will actually close on our house but it should be next week!

We had a nice weekend, we got to spend some time with Doug and Kemi, and our friends had us out to their home for a lovely Labor Day BBQ. Last night some sweet friends invited us to the Hollywood Bowl -they had tickets to the LA Philharmonic, my friend packed a lovely picnic and we had a GREAT time. It still doesn't feel like real life yet, poor B has to get up early for school which is what keeps us somewhat on track around here! Adam doesn't have his office at APU yet so he's been working from home which we both like. :) His first day of class starts tomorrow so real life will settle in quickly, I think. All in all, not too much to report....we're kinda just living a day at a time since everything feels so haphazard and up in the air. Oh, I'm flying to Waco next month to do a project for a client and I'm doing some mini sessions while I'm there so if anyone reading this wants one -shoot me an email! Oct. 25th & 26th!

I think that's all the news for now, sorry nothing too exciting to share! xo

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