September 9, 2014

The Bridge

This weekend was really good, which was really needed. Friday we hung out with dear friends and made pizzas, Saturday we went to cousin Mike's new place and watched football (and ate pizza) all day and cheered the ducks onto victory! Saturday night 2 of our mi casa darlings spent the night at our (little) place as they were en route to Oregon. It was SO nice seeing Waco faces here in CA, warmed my heart cockles. :) Sunday morning I made a big breakfast and they headed out and we tried a new church! All of us are a little "eh" about this whole church search since we've left the past few weeks feeling discouraged and wondering if we'll find a good fit but this week...we didn't leave discouraged, we left encouraged and cautiously optimistic! Its a brand spanking new church, in fact, Sunday was their first service! There were probably at least 300 people there, it was crazy! Its called "The Bridge" and we are looking forward to going back this weekend to give it another whirl. It was so life giving to walk out and feel like maybe this was finally the place! And its kinda cool to think about being a part of something brand new and watching it grow. Anyhoo -just a good feeling. Then we spent the rest of Sunday afternoon with our friends at their in-laws; swimming and chatting and eating, so fun. I came home, rinsed off and then ran out the door to my friends for a little movie night. We sat outside on the most perfect night watching a movie on her projector against her garage - just lovely. All in all, a great weekend that left me filled up after weeks of feeling sad and missing Texas. I'm getting there.

In other news, we signed on the dotted line yesterday and bought our house!!! WHO HOO! It has been a LONG road of back and forth and I think there were MANY times along the way we all wondered if it was really gonna happen. We are so.thankful. to have a home and place to call ours again. We should get the keys tomorrow and then...its ON. I've already got appointments lined up to get things fixed/changed, etc. My sweet father-in-law is driving down to help us with our laundry situation and we're so thankful! It will be SO nice to have laundry inside the house and to have room for our side by side washer/dryer (most places down here (esp in our price range) only accommodate stackables). I went to the paint store yesterday (full disclosure: where I got the call that my daughter was waiting to be picked up from school b/c I forgot that on Mondays they have early dismissal!!!!) and got some samples so I can get to work! I can't wait to get in there and make it feel likes ours versus a cheap flip done by an investor. I've got big plans. :)

Well, that's the scoop 'round these here parts, this blog will likely be quiet for a bit as I'll be painting for a while. :) Before/afters to come!! Thanks for checking in! xo


Anonymous said...

W.O.W. What a great report:) I'm so happy for all the good news:)
Hope B wasn't "scarred for life":)

Robin said...

Perhaps Kemi will help with the painting?