September 16, 2014


I woke up to Adam saying "Crap! I forgot to mail our taxes yesterday, oh, and I got a parking ticket for leaving my car on the street last night." I'm really hopeful that my day can only go up from here. Sigh. I also found out last night that B gets out of school today at 11:30am, what?!! Apparently its back to school night (why that necessitates a half day I don't know, esp considering B got out yesterday at 12:30pm as is the Monday school schedule). I swear, I feel like she's hardly in school and I may as well just leave her home with me versus the 40 minutes round trip 2x a day. Sorry, just had to vent there. Lets see, on tap...we've got the a/c guy coming back out but not until Thursday (and today the high is 104 -no biggie), I need to get the electrician out to do some work that was revealed in the inspection, I need the plumber to come back out to do some hook up stuff for the laundry under the house, my contractor couldn't find this certain product that I was told I needed for my floors, I found it online and it won't get here until Friday, and I have my first CA photo shoot this week! I'm taking lots of deep breaths, and spending lots of time in my car. This is where we're at today....a day at a time. Well, I've got 2 hours before I need to get B, better get going. Thanks for checking in. xo


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, it does seem like B is out of school alot. 6 minutes vs 40 minutes makes a huge difference too. Don't you just LOVE remodeling?

Robin said...

Wow. Just wow. All of the things happening are wows, but especially 104 temps with air conditioning down. Can't wait until the 'transition period' is over and life smooths out a bit (hopefully).