September 18, 2014

winn cali cottage update

Things finally feel like they are moving. After much back and forth it was discovered that certain products I wanted to use on the floors are no longer legal (if that is the correct word) in LA county b/c they are not environmentally safe. So, it was cancelling orders, finding new products, etc. SO, after much to-do 2 coats of primer are officially on the master and B's floors and the paint should get started later today or tomorrow, then it has to sit for 2 days before the sealer can go on. Ay yi yi. The a/c guy FINALLY arrived today! WHO HOO! So, by the end of the day today our house should actually be bearable to be in. Doug is plugging away at the ol' laundry closet and the cabinets got primed today for their paint! Progress! I think we're still another week out of actually moving in but the wheels are in motion. The alarm guy and the cable guy arrive tomorrow..another step in the right direction. Once all of this stuff is done we can move in but the projects continue. I'm still waiting for bids to replace the ugly jenkity sliding doors with french doors -that's the next item on the agenda (well, that and adding 2 light fixtures to the kitchen where they don't currently exist :). After all that, if there is money left in my little budget Brennan's bathroom will get some work done, sadly the master bath will have to wait a while. Too many things! I do feel like we're getting a lot accomplished on a little budget though, its exciting to see a cheap flip turning into something that feels like ours and is reflective of our (my :) style. I can't wait to get in our house!! Here in our apartment new renters are upstairs for the week and sadly, they have a 3 year old that likes to get up at 4am and run around so it sounds like a herd of elephants in our apartment. Sigh. Poor B isn't sleeping through it either so we had to complain -there is just no way we can function getting up in the 4 o' clock hour. Today he didn't start running until 5:30am so...progress? Needless to say, we're all counting the seconds until they move out this weekend. Ahh the joys of temporary housing. :) Well, I've been painting all morning so I gotta hop in the shower and go pick up B from school. More to come! xo


Robin said...

Is Kemi helping with painting? I know she's an expert. Very glad things are moving forward at last.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited for you!!!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel:) Sorry about the lack of sleep - so hard. Can't wait to see all of your projects come to fruition - you have great taste!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I CAN NOT wait to see the pics. of the house when you move your stuff in! So exciting!