October 29, 2014

38 8 37

And...... breathe. I'm back from Texas, it was good. I kept telling people that I wasn't sure emotionally/mentally/spiritually it was good for me to be back so soon but that I couldn't pass up the gig I was flown out for, and really, it was just good to be there. Even though it was hard to leave, it didn't kill me and I'm so thankful for that. I prayed that I wouldn't be emotional and cry each time someone hugged me and asked how the transition has been, b/c although its been hard, we are good. I was worried going to UBC on Sunday would be really tough, and it was bittersweet of course, but it was good. Our children's pastor and worship leader both announced that they were moving at the end of the year, that made me sad b/c I like to think of everything I left staying the same but it was a reminder that life goes on and really, not much really stays the same. Even though we've only been gone a few months Waco isn't the same as when we left, and its a good realization for me to have. I only drove by our house once and it wasn't intentional, I had to pass it to visit a friend and I just glanced over quickly as I went by. I noticed porch furniture and a lamp in the tippy top -those were the only "differences" I could see. I didn't want to stare at it and dwell, we have a new home now and we're so thankful for it. All in all, it was just good to be there and hug my friends, eat some of my favorite Texas foods, and shoot some of my favorite families, good times. I returned with a full and thankful heart and I was so happy to kiss B's cheeks and hug my husband. Speaking of my sweet husband -he turns 38 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!! Today starts our string of birthdays, Adam is 38, in 4 days B turns 8 and in 11 days I turn 37 -whew! Always nutty over here this time of year but its fun. Momsie flies in tomorrow and we're all excited about that! Our carpet is being installed today in the guest house so hopefully we can get the bedroom all ready for guests! Yay! Well, I'm buried in editing as I worked a lot while I was in Texas so I've gots to go, more to come! xo

Peek from a mini session of some of my dear friends~

October 23, 2014

I'm off today

Well, today is the big day -I fly back to Texas this afternoon! This trip came fast, like I knew it would. I always hate to leave B when the day comes, it makes going that much harder. It still feels kinda surreal to me, I imagine the whole trip will pretty much feel that way. When I get back its going to be insanity for the next week and a half, I'm trying to mentally prepare. If my flight is on time, etc. I should get home around 11pm on Monday night, Tuesday I'll have to go to the store, get the house cleaned, laundry, bake Adam's birthday cake, etc. as his birthday is Wednesday. Our carpet is being installed in the guest house on Wednesday which means we have to get the portions of the garage cleaned out where the carpet will go, and then of course celebrating Adam's birthday on Wednesday night! My mom comes Thursday morning and we'll need to run around to get the last minute stuff for Brennan's birthday party on Sunday. This is a crazy time, I'm trying to just take deep breaths and take a day at a time. Tomorrow I have to be up early for my shoot project which was the catalyst for this Texas trip, its going to be a busy few days and I'm tired already!

In house news, my curtain rods arrived and Adam and I got 1 of them hung, so, we have 2 to go and then all we're waiting on is the kitchen hardware! The office valences and shelves in the kitchen window turned out great -just what I had envisioned (love it when that happens!). The Winn Cali Cottage is coming together!

Well, I've got a long day of travel ahead and still have some packing to do so I'm going to get after it! Would appreciate prayers for travel and sanity (and my heart with the whole being back in TX/leaving bit) the next 10 days or so. :) Thanks for checking in! xo

October 20, 2014

more like myself

Well, its been a roller coaster  -this whole journey, I'm tired. :) (I'm also tired b/c I've had trouble sleeping lately...grrr, however it did pay of last night when it hit me we hadn't taken out the trash so I got up and did that (and then proceeded to get covered in ants, a story for another day). I must say though, these past few days are the most I have felt like myself in months. We finally had people over! Our house is no longer covered in boxes and I actually went to the store and made dinner! Success! It feels good to see the old me showing her face again. We tried new church #4 this weekend, what was neat was seeing several folks we knew, made that first time church experience not so daunting. And more importantly Brennan liked it! Its been hard watching my girl who was out the door on Sunday morning before Adam and I say "I don't want to go to church" when Sunday morning rolls around. Heart breaking, really. So, watching her enjoy herself was life giving to me, made this mama's heart happy. The 3 of us went out to brunch afterward and I think we've decided this is where we are going to land. This church doesn't check all our boxes, and its no UBC (understatement) but as far as what we've experienced so far, this makes the most sense for our family at this stage in our lives. Adam and I both agreed we could go to a different church every weekend and never find "it" or we could choose to make a place home and move on with our lives, we are going with the latter. It feels good to have some resolve and to know that Brennan is happy with our choice.

This weekend was nuts, our sweet realtor/friend had us over to her lovely home on Friday night and made the most amazing 5 (or was it 6?) course meal! I think I'm still full! Saturday we took Brennan to this amazing pumpkin patch that we haven't been to since 10/07 and then cousin Mike had us over to watch the Duck game and eat ribs/brisket that he spent all.day. smoking -delish!! Sunday was church and brunch, then I ran to the store to get some fixins to make dinner for our friends. We were celebrating our dear friend's new job and just enjoying having our long time friends in our new home. It felt good to hear Brennan laughing and playing with friends - oh how I've missed that.

Sorry I still don't have photos to share, my contactor is coming tomorrow to do the office valences and to install the shelves in the window in the kitchen. I received an email that my curtain rods have officially shipped so  -it shouldn't be too much longer now. :) I realized I never mentioned my latest business blog post here so, head on over HERE to see my sweet friend's miracle baby! More to come. xo

October 15, 2014

coming up for air

Today is the first time in a long time that I've woken up and thought "today might not be so crazy." Up until this point our time in CA has been absolute insanity, running from one thing to the next, trying to get this house in order, etc. I ran errands all.day. yesterday and accomplished a lot that was on my to-do list, today, I still have stuff to do but it feels like today could be the first normal day here in my new life. Lets see...we've been hanging things, cleaning things, organizing things, setting up things, painting things, etc.. All time consuming but all starting to pay off. The house is still not done but its getting there. The main things we're still waiting on: hardware for the kitchen, curtain rods to be delivered for the kitchen and living room, 1 more set of curtain rods for master (one set came jenkity so we had to send it back), custom built valences for the office, custom shelves for the window in the kitchen and laundry room doors. I ordered the carpet yesterday for the guest house, once that gets installed things will REALLY fall into place. There is so much stuff we need to put/set up in the garage apartment but we can't until the flooring is done. Several boxes, etc. are in the house just waiting to go in there -so, the count down is on! I can't wait to get that place functional and get it cleaned out. Poor Adam still doesn't have his office at work so he's been in my office and his stuff is...all over. Grrr. Its hard b/c he really doesn't have any place to call his own for work but I can't get my work space together while he's in it! We're all eager for his new office at APU to be ready even though I'll miss him being around more. We're getting there. :)

Things here overall are going okay, we're all still pretty homesick but I actually made dinner the other night and used the kitchen and it made me feel more normal. I'm ready to get back into a routine. Yesterday B said "I want to go back to Waco." She'll say that out of the blue pretty regularly and its like a dagger in my heart .every.time. I keep wondering how long it will take for CA to feel like home for her...well, and for me too. I love California, I've never ever not loved Pasadena and thought its one of the best cities in the world, but....it stopped being home to me a long time ago and so far that feeling hasn't come back. I know it will just take time. Waco is a unique place...its funny how so many people go there for one reason or another and think they won't stay beyond their initial reason for going (ie college, job, etc,) but they fall in love and don't want to go - I get it. I fly back to Waco next Thursday and I already don't want to leave it. Part of me thinks I shouldn't have taken the work assignment I was offered, that its too soon to go back, but part of me can't wait to land and feel normal again. I hate moving. Yesterday I was early picking B up so I parked in the pick up lane and I walked out to get her (I never park in the pick up lane and knew she wouldn't know to look for my car), I got back to my car and the crossing guard was yelling at me that she was going to call the police if I did that again -apparently you can't get out of your car in the pick up lane -oops. I wanted to scream "Do you see my TEXAS license plates?!! I'm new here and I'm still figuring it out!!" I wanted to get in my car and keep driving...all the way back to Waco and take B to her old school that never threatened me with the police for an innocent mistake. Sigh. Change is hard, we're all still adjusting and taking a day at a time.

Tonight we invited our neighbors from our 1 month rental house over, we told them they would be the first to "break in the porch" so that's happening. Normally I would want things a little more together before I entertained but the hostess of our group is heading back to New York shortly so it was now or never. I think its good though, forces me to get things whipped into shape and to fill my house with people, which is really how I like it. :) So, I've got my work cut out for me today. Thanks to those of you who keep checking in even though its been a pretty lame blog lately...I'm hoping that will change in the not-too-distant future. More to come. xo

October 4, 2014

We're IN!

Whew! Its been a CRAZY few days, I'm tired! We are officially moved in but living in chaos. Slowly but surely we're getting there and I think after today I'll feel a lot better. Today is should start looking a little more normal and we shouldn't be stepping over things and should be able to see some surface tops throughout the house. Its hard coming from almost 2700 sq ft to 1300, there are so many things that I love that just don't have a spot (#firstworldproblems). All in all we are loving it so far, it almost doesn't feel real. The neighborhood is SO quiet which is so nice! We've almost always lived in loud places and this is soooo peaceful. B is really loving her room and so far that is the space that is most put together. Well, I've got my work cut out for me today so I'm gonna get after it! Thanks for checking in! xo