October 29, 2014

38 8 37

And...... breathe. I'm back from Texas, it was good. I kept telling people that I wasn't sure emotionally/mentally/spiritually it was good for me to be back so soon but that I couldn't pass up the gig I was flown out for, and really, it was just good to be there. Even though it was hard to leave, it didn't kill me and I'm so thankful for that. I prayed that I wouldn't be emotional and cry each time someone hugged me and asked how the transition has been, b/c although its been hard, we are good. I was worried going to UBC on Sunday would be really tough, and it was bittersweet of course, but it was good. Our children's pastor and worship leader both announced that they were moving at the end of the year, that made me sad b/c I like to think of everything I left staying the same but it was a reminder that life goes on and really, not much really stays the same. Even though we've only been gone a few months Waco isn't the same as when we left, and its a good realization for me to have. I only drove by our house once and it wasn't intentional, I had to pass it to visit a friend and I just glanced over quickly as I went by. I noticed porch furniture and a lamp in the tippy top -those were the only "differences" I could see. I didn't want to stare at it and dwell, we have a new home now and we're so thankful for it. All in all, it was just good to be there and hug my friends, eat some of my favorite Texas foods, and shoot some of my favorite families, good times. I returned with a full and thankful heart and I was so happy to kiss B's cheeks and hug my husband. Speaking of my sweet husband -he turns 38 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!! Today starts our string of birthdays, Adam is 38, in 4 days B turns 8 and in 11 days I turn 37 -whew! Always nutty over here this time of year but its fun. Momsie flies in tomorrow and we're all excited about that! Our carpet is being installed today in the guest house so hopefully we can get the bedroom all ready for guests! Yay! Well, I'm buried in editing as I worked a lot while I was in Texas so I've gots to go, more to come! xo

Peek from a mini session of some of my dear friends~

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Robin said...

So much happening! It's fun to picture you as you travel and work and return to your loved ones.