October 23, 2014

I'm off today

Well, today is the big day -I fly back to Texas this afternoon! This trip came fast, like I knew it would. I always hate to leave B when the day comes, it makes going that much harder. It still feels kinda surreal to me, I imagine the whole trip will pretty much feel that way. When I get back its going to be insanity for the next week and a half, I'm trying to mentally prepare. If my flight is on time, etc. I should get home around 11pm on Monday night, Tuesday I'll have to go to the store, get the house cleaned, laundry, bake Adam's birthday cake, etc. as his birthday is Wednesday. Our carpet is being installed in the guest house on Wednesday which means we have to get the portions of the garage cleaned out where the carpet will go, and then of course celebrating Adam's birthday on Wednesday night! My mom comes Thursday morning and we'll need to run around to get the last minute stuff for Brennan's birthday party on Sunday. This is a crazy time, I'm trying to just take deep breaths and take a day at a time. Tomorrow I have to be up early for my shoot project which was the catalyst for this Texas trip, its going to be a busy few days and I'm tired already!

In house news, my curtain rods arrived and Adam and I got 1 of them hung, so, we have 2 to go and then all we're waiting on is the kitchen hardware! The office valences and shelves in the kitchen window turned out great -just what I had envisioned (love it when that happens!). The Winn Cali Cottage is coming together!

Well, I've got a long day of travel ahead and still have some packing to do so I'm going to get after it! Would appreciate prayers for travel and sanity (and my heart with the whole being back in TX/leaving bit) the next 10 days or so. :) Thanks for checking in! xo

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Robin said...

Praying for you, Molly!