October 20, 2014

more like myself

Well, its been a roller coaster  -this whole journey, I'm tired. :) (I'm also tired b/c I've had trouble sleeping lately...grrr, however it did pay of last night when it hit me we hadn't taken out the trash so I got up and did that (and then proceeded to get covered in ants, a story for another day). I must say though, these past few days are the most I have felt like myself in months. We finally had people over! Our house is no longer covered in boxes and I actually went to the store and made dinner! Success! It feels good to see the old me showing her face again. We tried new church #4 this weekend, what was neat was seeing several folks we knew, made that first time church experience not so daunting. And more importantly Brennan liked it! Its been hard watching my girl who was out the door on Sunday morning before Adam and I say "I don't want to go to church" when Sunday morning rolls around. Heart breaking, really. So, watching her enjoy herself was life giving to me, made this mama's heart happy. The 3 of us went out to brunch afterward and I think we've decided this is where we are going to land. This church doesn't check all our boxes, and its no UBC (understatement) but as far as what we've experienced so far, this makes the most sense for our family at this stage in our lives. Adam and I both agreed we could go to a different church every weekend and never find "it" or we could choose to make a place home and move on with our lives, we are going with the latter. It feels good to have some resolve and to know that Brennan is happy with our choice.

This weekend was nuts, our sweet realtor/friend had us over to her lovely home on Friday night and made the most amazing 5 (or was it 6?) course meal! I think I'm still full! Saturday we took Brennan to this amazing pumpkin patch that we haven't been to since 10/07 and then cousin Mike had us over to watch the Duck game and eat ribs/brisket that he spent all.day. smoking -delish!! Sunday was church and brunch, then I ran to the store to get some fixins to make dinner for our friends. We were celebrating our dear friend's new job and just enjoying having our long time friends in our new home. It felt good to hear Brennan laughing and playing with friends - oh how I've missed that.

Sorry I still don't have photos to share, my contactor is coming tomorrow to do the office valences and to install the shelves in the window in the kitchen. I received an email that my curtain rods have officially shipped so  -it shouldn't be too much longer now. :) I realized I never mentioned my latest business blog post here so, head on over HERE to see my sweet friend's miracle baby! More to come. xo


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself again. Can hardly wait to see before and after pictures of what you have been up to.

Kemi Winn said...

Amen to what Bev said. And I am so glad you've found a church to call home!