November 20, 2014

and they just drove off....

Whaaaaaaaaaa. Doug and Kemi were here for a day and a half and they just left to head home. Its always so quiet when company leaves. :( Doug spent yesterday putting up B's birthday/Christmas gift of a new trampoline, its HUGE. I had no idea just how big it was and well...lets just say we can ALL jump together if we want to! Yikes! I hope it provides years and years of enjoyment for MANY to come!

This week was my first "not crazy" week, its been busy but I can feel the calm and normal that is coming, even in the midst of the holiday season. I'm still adjusting and settling into life here, but with each day I feel a little more like myself. Tomorrow Adam heads to his yearly conference for 5 days, B and I always miss him like crazy and this year with grandma and granddad just leaving, its going to feel especially quiet. I'm trying to arrange some play dates, mom/B dates to keep us busy. I'm sure there will be lots of jumping too. :)

I made my grocery list for Thanksgiving, I'm halving some things this year and skipping mashed potatoes (I always just have way too many, time to pare it down). We're looking forward to having cousin Mike join us for the 4th (?) year in a row! Its always a fun, low key day.

That's pretty much the haps over here, still working on a couple house projects and doing some shooting here and there, just finding our new normal here in California. I just blogged another Waco mini session so head on over HERE to check out these cuties! xo

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Robin said...

Yay! I can almost see the waves of calmness overtaking your life.