November 2, 2014

Brennan Grace turns 8

My sweet girl, today you turn 8! Part of me can't believe it but part of me thinks you look 8, you sound 8, and I've thrown lots of parties so that makes sense! :) But wow...8. Brennan, you are funny -you have a great sense of humor and sometimes your snarkiness is so well timed I forget that you're only in 2nd grade. You are sooo picky about food....still. You pretty much don't like any lunch foods so each day when your lunch gets packed we're crossing our fingers you'll eat it. You love caesar salads and jimmy johns sandwiches (but you won't eat a home-made sandwich...grrr). You still pretty much hate shoes so footwear continues to be a hehem...challenge. This big move has been hard for you but you've been such a trooper! You mention Waco almost daily and tell me how much you miss it but you've made some friends here and I can tell you're starting to feel like yourself again. Its been hard for me to watch, this whole move/transition, I want to take away your homesickness and make everything okay but I can't. I'm so thankful you are strong and resilient and that you are finding your way. You are sweet as can be. Any time you've been at a friends house, or at church, etc. everyone always tells me how sweet you are -and its so true. You have a quiet and gentle spirit but once you "get going" you come out of your shell and you shine. I have never seen you be mean to any one and you always try and include others and I love that about you and it makes me so proud to be your mom. I could go on and on but I'll end with how much I love you and how I'm so thankful the Lord made you mine. I love you, B. xo

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Robin said...

Happy Birthday to B! Great cake and even greater smile. What a blessing she is.