November 6, 2014

Winns in D-land #Bturns8

Once we found out we were moving back to southern California one of the things we said to help entice Brennan about the move was taking her to Disneyland. Well, her bday came at a great time to make that happen so yesterday we pulled her out of school and took her to the "happiest place on earth!" Its no secret for those who know me that D-land is um....not my favorite place. I'm not a fan of rides - the older I get I get so nauseous! I'm not a fan of long lines, standing in the heat, battling the crowds, paying a lot of $ for bad food, etc. I'm just not a fan -there I said it! (I know, I must be a terrible person to not like Disneyland!). Well, yesterday really was the best experience I've had there (and I've been a lot since I went to college not too far away) so that's saying something! The longest line we waited in was probably 20 minutes, we walked onto several rides with no line, it was warm for a couple hours in mid-afternoon but otherwise the heat really wasn't an issue, and well, the food still sucked but hey, its one day. So, all in all a success! And obviously what really matters, B had a great time. She said "best birthday EVER!" so that made me happy. :) We rode every ride (that wasn't closed) except for 3 -that's pretty good for 1 day! I rode most of them, there were a handful I passed on but I thought that was pretty good for me too! :) The 3 of us had a nice time being together and I'm thankful for the memories. Here are a couple iPhone pics from our time. Happy Thursday, all! xo

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