December 9, 2014

busy Monday

Yesterday was a busy one! B gets out early on Mondays (grrr) so picked her up, then we had some of our favorite friends over for a play date, then off to gymnastics, I ran a couple errands while B was at gym, then picked her up, stopped by the grocery store to get some things for Adam's cousin's birthday dinner, came home, did homework with B and addressed Christmas cards, then Kyle came over and we grilled burgers and made milkshakes (per the birthday boy's request) and watched the Clippers win with a 3 pointer at the buzzer! Happy 31st birthday, Kyle! Whew! It was a full day! Oh, and I finished painting the garage bathroom in the morning, so glad that's done! Things are coming together around here but there are still projects to get done and one of my kitchen drawers broke yesterday! Grrr. I haven't really started my Christmas shopping yet so, I've got some things to work on. I just blogged another Waco mini session of some dear friends of mine, check it out here! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Wow, I wish I could accomplish that much in one day!