December 4, 2014

Christmas season/rain/etc.

I find that each year its hard for me to get my rear-in-gear and get my Christmas stuff out. I like having the house decorated and festive but the actual doing it bit is tough for me. This year is no exception. Once our bathroom in the guest house is done (and some dry wall patching/painting) we can put our furniture where it goes and actually put away the boxes that are still strewn about and maybe know where things actually are! I can.not.wait for that. I brought in about half of my ornaments, most of my decorations are still in the garage and it was all I could do to get the tree looking decent yesterday. Its been POURING buckets the last 2 days so that hasn't helped my lack of enthusiasm, esp since I have to walk outside to get to the garage to get said Christmas items. :/ Also, due to the lovely downpour that we so desperately needed, the pilot light in our water heater went out (its not insulated very well) so it was a cold shower for Adam yesterday (when we realized that it happened) and no shower for me. Our contractor got it up and running again but of course, it went out again last night. So, no shower for Adam today and I heated up hot water on the stove and poured it over myself in the shower so I wouldn't have to go 2 days without bathing! Ugh!! Thankfully the rain has stopped so once it gets lit again today it should stay on. Ay yi yi.

I can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks from today! It comes faster and faster each year I think. I haven't purchased hardly a thing BUT Aunt Karen is coming out today to have a "play day" with me so hopefully I can knock some things off my list! I haven't had time with Aunt Karen in years and am so looking forward to having her all to myself today! Lucky me!

Well, the bathroom tile is getting laid today for the floors and the sink and toilet will go back in tomorrow! Its coming together out there in the ol' guest house, which means...back to painting for me (BOOO!!). My plan is to just paint the bathroom and then try and color match the paint in the rest of the house for the places where they replaced the drywall (sure would have been nice for the previous owners to leave the paint cans behind!). Always something...the joys of home ownership I guess.

Well, that's the news around here today, thanks for checking in! xo


Kemi Winn said...

Here's to a nice hot shower and a lovely day with Karen!

Robin said...

I'll bet you had a wonderful day together! Hope the gift ideas were realized and accomplished.