December 1, 2014

Good Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday already?! We had a great week off last week, so cozy! B and I stayed pretty busy while Adam was gone, lots of play dates! Adam got home late Tuesday afternoon and we pretty much went straight to the grocery store to get all the fixins for T-Day. Wednesday B went to a friend's house and I cooked/baked and Adam and I had a cozy day at home and then later in the afternoon we picked up B and went out to a nice dinner and the 3 of us had a little date. Thursday cousin Mike came over and we ate and watched football, lots to be thankful for. :) Since Mike doesn't typically live where we live he comes for the weekend, well, since he is now an hour away he went home but said he would come back each day so our tradition was still in tact (I'm hopeful next year he'll stay in the guest house :). So, Mike was also here all day Friday and Saturday -we loved it! We all went out to the movies/dinner on Friday, that was fun, and then Saturday Adam's cousin Caila and her family came into town, I did a mini session with them, then they all came over to play/have dinner with us! So fun! Adam's cousin Kyle also joined in the festivities so it was fun to have a full house with lots of family, good times. It was sad watching Adam take B to school today, I loved all of us being home together and just relaxing after a crazy season. I'm already looking forward to Adam's last day of class and having another break just around the corner!

Last night we went out (in the pouring rain) and got our Christmas tree! Now I need to dig through the garage and find all my Christmas d├ęcor stuff. Speaking of the garage/guest house, we're starting the work on the bathroom this week! Can't wait! We (my contractor) are installing new tile floors, a new toilet, and a new sink! I'm hopeful my sweet father-in-law will install a new shower some time next year but for now, we need the necessities covered so that space is actually functional  -can't wait! We are doing this project with a TINY budget so I'm not super excited about what I picked per se, function won out over style but it will be new and clean and look pretty good so I'm excited! COME ON OVER VISITORS!!!

That's pretty much what we've been up to around here, its been busy but good-busy! Today I've got a mini session to edit and a lunch date with a friend, not a bad Monday. :) Hope everyone has a great week! xo

Here's a peek from the ninner's bday shoot!

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Robin said...

What a great picture of B!

It's wonderful to hear your life settling down a bit and getting projects completed.

I love you!