January 28, 2015

fast January

Typically January crawls by for me, but not this year! Its crazy to me that we'll be in February this weekend! This weekend was super busy but good! We had a lot of fun out in Riverside with family and having our friends in town (even though it went by quickly) was so fun! Our friends (from Oregon) needed to be picked up in Redondo Beach, so rather than just drive out there and pick them up and come back home the 3 of us made a day of it. We decided to skip out on the church hunt and go to the beach...it was lovely. It was so nice to be on the beach, with no agenda and to watch B play in the ocean and build sand castles, it was life-giving. It was such a nice reprieve from church shopping that all 3 of us desperately needed. Mondays and Tuesdays are busy with driving/B's art classes but she's really enjoying them so that's great. We stopped by our old neighborhood (where we lived for a month when we first got here) and visited with Laura and Barb in between school/B's class, so fun to see them. Today I actually have to work...what?!! I have an engagement shoot today, I haven't "worked" in so long I can't tell if I'm nervous or excited? I think I still know how to use my camera...? Fingers crossed!

I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, last week I made a blackened chicken with avocado cream sauce..it had a kick! Last night I made this risotto with caprese chicken, it was really good! And the lemon bar cheesecake from last week was a hit! (truth be told...I don't think the water for my pasta ever got quite hot enough and the noodles were a bit too al dente...such a bummer for my company dinner!!). :/

All in all we're doing pretty well over here, we've almost been here 6 months and I would say we're definitely still adjusting but we're good. B wrote in her journal and let us read it and it was really really sweet, she was saying how "we live in a one story house and its great" and how she's "made good friends and likes it here." She still asks to go back to Waco of course but its so nice reading that she's adjusting and that she does like it here even though its not Texas, good for this mama's heart. :) Thanks for reading. xo

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Robin said...

Love how 'normal' things are sounding!